LIVE TJ – Athletic and gym work. Good answers from Arthur

LIVE TJ – Athletic and gym work. Good answers from Arthur
LIVE TJ – Athletic and gym work. Good answers from Arthur

19:01 – TRAINING ENDED – Juventus, through its official website, provided the details of today’s sessions: “Here we are: Juventus’ 2021/2022 season has officially begun.

After the medical examinations that took place yesterday, the Bianconeri group. which will gradually begin to enrich itself with the arrivals of the players involved in the summer with their national teams, he found himself for the first time under the orders of Mister Allegri at Continassa.

Two work sessions included in today’s menu: in the morning, the players first focused on a series of exercises focused on technique, and then dedicated themselves to a subsequent phase of athletic work. In the afternoon, after a well-deserved rest in the rooms of the J | Hotel, the second training session for the group, this time in the gym “, reads

18:16 – AFTERNOON TRAINING IN PROGRESS – Juventus is now on the pitch at Continassa for the second training session of the day.

17:21 – GOOD ANSWERS FOR ARTHUR – These days, Arthur is ramping up his workloads and the responses seem to be good. Juventus will soon be back on the pitch for the second daily session.

12:16 – MORNING WORKOUT – Juventus, in the morning, took to the field at the JTC to play the first session of the season. Massimiliano Allegri was able to start work on the field and will reply in the afternoon. In fact, now the team will have lunch at the JHotel then there will be rest and in the late afternoon the second session of the day will be scheduled. At the end of the training, Juventus will always have dinner at Continassa and then the players will be able to go home.


LIVE Athletic gym work Good answers Arthur

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