4th “CampusBand Musica & Matematica”: the final in Milan

4th “CampusBand Musica & Matematica”: the final in Milan
4th “CampusBand Musica & Matematica”: the final in Milan

MILAN – Who will be the winner of the fourth edition of the “CampusBand Musica & Matematica”, a national competition for students who love music? The answer will be on Friday, July 16, the evening of the final, at 9.00 pm, in the Cortile delle Armi of the Castello Sforzesco in Milan (the contest takes place as part of the “Estate Sforzesca”, commissioned by the Municipality of Milan).

Twelve finalists (4 in the “Groups” category, 4 in the “Songwriters” category and 4 in the “Interpreters” category) will compete to the sound of music and creativity for a long-awaited competition that has the flavor of a “big party”! It is the moment when young talents will be able to live a unique experience, going up on an important stage and showing off their skills.

The finalists are:

Songwriters: Anna Cattaneo (16 years old, Brescia), Alessia Giachetto (20 years old, Cirié – TO), Fabrizio Tufarelli (26 years old, Rome), Camilla Nannicini (23 years old, Milan).

Interpreters: Gianmarco Gridelli (17, Rome), Gaetano Moragas (23, Reggio Calabria), Guendalina Edvige Artuso (25, Milan), Arianna Petruzzi (18, Dispoli – RM).
Groups: NEMESIS – Alessandro Matteo Bussone (26 years, Milan), Matteo Predari (25 years, Milan), Luca Portunato (22 years, La Spezia), Luca Pegorari (21 years, Pieve di Coriano), Alessandro Spoldi (34 years, Milan); KP – Giacomo Ferrari (24 years old, Bologna), Roberto Ruano (22 years old, Vasto), Gianluca Sica (22 years old, Cava De ‘Tirreni), Edoardo Buoso (22 years old, Motta Di Livenza); LAMED – Francesco Ballarini (23 years, Civitanova Marche), Giona Pasquali (21 years, Recanati), Mattia Marziale (21 years, Ancona), Andrea Marcucci (20 years, Civitanova Marche); MAY I 14 – Bragazzi Morris (30 years, Vizzolo Predabissi, Stefano Tedesco (27 years, El Salvador), Philip Joe Sassoon (24 years, Segrate), Andrea Diella (31 years, Segrate), Gabriele Avogadro (26 years, Milan) , Avogadro Federico (31 years old, Vizzolo Predabissi).

Competitors will be evaluated by a commission of experts, made up, in addition to the artistic director Mario Lavezzi, by “experts” including: Simone Palmieri, speaker of Radio Zeta, Titti Quaggia, head of institutional relations of the Italian National Singers, Claudio Ferrante , president and founder of Artist First. And by a popular jury made up of 15 people chosen from the audience present. Notary Luciano Quaggia will guarantee the regularity of the votes.

Also this year the winner will be entitled to a contract with a record label to publish an unreleased song, with the related video clip. Two scholarships, which will be awarded to each winner of the categories from which the absolute winner has not emerged. The first to attend a course at the Tuscolano European Center in Mogol and the second to be used at Franco Mussida’s Centro Professionale Musica in Milan.

Radio Zeta will evaluate the broadcast of the winner’s unreleased track. In addition, a series of advertising initiatives will be developed to promote the winner and the related single released.

Together with the finalists, Tecla Insolia and Mario Lavezzi will be on stage with Cristina di Pietro and Alessandro Governatore. Diego Zappone, speaker of Radio Zeta, will present the evening.

Campusband Musica e Matematica is a competition supported by SIAE – Italian Society of Authors and Publishers, organized by Nuove Arti Srl with the patronage of the Municipality of Milan and media partner Radio Zeta, Corriere della Sera – ViviMilano and the Dire – Diregiovani news agency .

The regulation is available on the website www.campusband.it

For information: [email protected] – ​​tel 02 6552110

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