The ATM bonus? How to have over 400 euros

The ATM bonus? How to have over 400 euros
The ATM bonus? How to have over 400 euros

Having ended up in the attic, at least temporarily, the Cashback, the Draghi government is preparing to implement a new incentive tool for the use of traceable payment through the Law Decree No. 99 (30 June 2021), or the so-called ATM bonus.

“Electronic money” therefore continues to be encouraged, albeit in other ways, by the current executive. But what exactly is this bill approved at the end of last month and subsequently amended on the basis of the 2019 legislation? In essence, the 2021 ATM bonus provides tax credits for the purchase or rental of electronic payment devices (i.e. able to store and send data directly to the Revenue Agency) and the zeroing of commissions for all those who choose to make purchases using these traceable tools.

The measures provided for by this decree law are addressed to self-employed “workers”, or to all those who are holders of VAT number is that “carry out sales of goods or services to end consumers, in the case of using electronic means of payment connected to cash registers or advanced payment instruments”.

This means, therefore, that the number of beneficiaries is extremely limited, as they are exclusively citizens who regularly carry out self-employment. A choice certainly not made randomly: by acting in this way, in fact, the executive has chosen to favor VAT numbers, among the most mistreated categories during the refreshment points, allowing them to obtain relief for those heavy commissions often used by traders. they complained. The ATM bonus therefore provides for a dual use case.

If the beneficiaries purchase or rent electronic payment instruments in 2022, we speak of a contribution of 320 euro. The applicable percentage is related to the turnover declared in the previous tax year: 100% for revenues and fees of less than 200 thousand euros, 70% for revenues and fees between 200 thousand and 1 million euros, 40% for revenues and fees between 1 and 5 million euros.

For all those who decide to acquire such payment instruments for the first time there is the additional incentive of a tax credit of 160 euro. However, there are limitations: for revenues between 1 and 5 million euros, 10% of the amount spent, for revenues between 200 thousand and 1 million euros, 40% of the amount spent, for revenues below 200 thousand euros , 70% of the amount spent.

How to request it

To obtain the ATM bonus it is not necessary to register or download any app, but simply to meet the requirements for obtaining a 100% refund. Given that the digital payment instrument (both purchased and rented) will store and send any type of transaction, the refund will be counted in the form of tax credit directly in the tax return. Finally, it should be noted that the reimbursement will be made exclusively at expenses incurred, without contributing in any way to generating income for the operator or the holder of a VAT number.

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