Astrazeneca instead of Moderna, 11 wrong vaccines injected: the apologies of the ASL

Astrazeneca instead of Moderna, 11 wrong vaccines injected: the apologies of the ASL
Astrazeneca instead of Moderna, 11 wrong vaccines injected: the apologies of the ASL

EMPOLI. Eleven wrong administrations at the ex Sesa vaccination center, in via Giuntini. Instead of the Moderna vaccine they administered Astrazeneca. It was a mistake, as explained by the ASL itself, which concerned people aged 30 to 40 residing in the Empolese, Valdinievole and lower Valdarno areas. Hence the concern precisely because now Astrazeneca is not inoculated, in a preventive manner, to the younger group. The mistake was made during the vaccination session that took place yesterday morning.

“The group in charge – explained the ASL – found the error at the end of the session, during the usual counting of the vials: the incongruity emerged from the verification of the registration of the vaccine codes with the relative correspondence of the names”. The eleven people (two from the Valdinievole area and nine resident in the Empolese and lower Valdarno area) were immediately identified. «They were contacted directly by the director of public hygiene in the Empoli area, Dr. Paolo Filidei – the ASL explained – which informed the interested parties of the incident ». The people, who have an average age of 36, have been reassured and “anyway invited to contact their family doctor. “For all it was the first vaccine administration – the ASL goes on – and they will complete the cycle in a” heterologous “mode or with the second dose of Modern vaccine”.

“I learned from those responsible for the incident – said the general director of the ASL Toscana center Paolo Morello Marchese – and I apologize to those directly involved. Even through the company’s clinical risk, an investigation will be carried out to reconstruct the dynamics of the session and the reasons for the error made in order to avoid repetition ».

Among those who have, despite themselves, undergone this change in the vaccine race there is also a Montecatinese entrepreneur, 40 years old. He had found a place in a facility in Fucecchio for the first inoculation of the Moderna vaccine, so stated the reservation. Instead there was, also in this case, a change of plans regarding the structure with the move to Empoli yesterday morning. Arriving at the appointed place, he approached the area called “Moderna” waiting for his turn. As he said, he asked, for safety, if the vaccine was that and no other before the injection and then waited for the canons 15 minutes before returning home. At lunchtime the call came from the center of Empoli. “There was a misunderstanding,” he heard the voice on the other side say. “She was injected with a dose of Astrazeneca. But don’t worry. If you have any reactions to the drug, contact your family doctor immediately. ‘

Easy to say. On the other hand, it is more difficult for the person concerned to metabolize it. «I have no particular pathologies – said the entrepreneur – and I am not a particularly apprehensive type but if I am prescribed a certain type of vaccine instead of another I assume that there is a valid reason. As for the second dose, they assured me that they will inject me with Moderna ». –


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