Vaccination campers in Milan: Lombardy Region denies Scavuzzo

Vaccination campers in Milan: Lombardy Region denies Scavuzzo
Vaccination campers in Milan: Lombardy Region denies Scavuzzo

After the declarations on Wednesday 14 July by Anna Scavuzzo, councilor for security, the Region denies: “No turning back”.

Milan is ready to host the vaccine campers to immunize the over 60.

Vaccine campers: the Welfare Department of the Lombardy Region

On Wednesday 14 July, the Welfare Department of the Lombardy Region releases the following note “The claim that no vaccine camper will run in the city of Milan is false and totally unfounded.”

Denial therefore the councilor for safety Scavuzzo.

Vaccine campers: the goal

Are approximately 78mil unvaccinated over 60s in Milan: 18.6% of the population. The Regional Emergency Agency (Areu) has prepared a calendar that runs from 16 to 31 July and takes into account the commitments already made by the teams in the Milan Municipality area. The campers will open the doors from 9 to 17: no reservation is required, as access is free.

Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccine will be administered.

Vaccination campers: dedicated areas

The Welfare DG clarifies “It is therefore in consideration of the climatic conditions and the age of the citizens invited to join the special campaign that we deemed it appropriate to ask the Municipality of Milan to prepare support rooms. In addition to identifying areas dedicated to administration and other necessary activities, such as: welcome and acceptance, anamnesis and consent, inoculation, post-inoculation observation and management of any emergencies, indispensable in an action aimed at these people “.

In response, the City reveals the list of centers made available:

  • ‘Acquabella’, via don Carlo San Martino, 10

  • ‘Aldini’, via Aldini, 72

  • ‘Seniors 3rd Age’, via dei Narcisi, 3

  • ‘Carlo Poma Association’, via C. Mario, 18

  • ‘Spaceship’, via Boffalora, 116

  • ‘Cascina Ronchettino’, via Saponaro, 34

  • ‘Cascina S. Paolo’, via Trasimeno, 41

  • ‘Cassina Anna’, via Sant’Arnaldo, 17

  • ‘The Monastery’, via A. da Baggio, 54

  • ‘Mazzini’, via Mompiani, 5

  • ‘Pascarella’, via Satta, 23

  • ‘Memories’ via Boscovich, 42

  • ‘Meeting 15’, via De Andrè, 9

  • ‘Smile’, via Crescenzago, 56

  • ‘Villa Finzi’, via Sant’Elembardo, 4

  • ‘Villa Taverna’, via Brivio, 4

  • New Polo Mozart ‘, Corso di Porta Vigentina, 15

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