Between Gasparri and Picierno there is a total brawl over the Zan – Il Tempo bill

Between Gasparri and Picierno there is a total brawl over the Zan – Il Tempo bill
Between Gasparri and Picierno there is a total brawl over the Zan – Il Tempo bill

Giada Oricchio

July 15, 2021

The Zan bill splits politics inside and outside the Senate, even on TV. Shouts and offenses among the Forza Italia senator, Maurizio Gasparri, and the MEP of the Democratic Party, Pina Picierno: “He only tells lies”, “Nazi”.

The Zan law intends to introduce specific aggravating circumstances for hate crimes and discrimination against homosexuals, transsexuals, women and disabilities. The text continues its path after the preliminary rulings of the FdI and Lega and the three suspension proposals have been rejected. The political stalemate persists and the alignments are clear: Brothers of Italy, Forza Italia and Lega against the provision, Pd, M5s and LeU in favor of the text approved by the Chamber, with Italia Viva and Autonomie acting as a tip of the balance.

July 20 is the deadline for submitting amendments and the process could be postponed to September. What divides the political forces is the meaning of “gender identity” and what the anti-juridical conduct takes or does not take. During the broadcast L’Aria che Tira, Thursday 15 July on LA7, Pina Picierno first he had a fight with the senator Pillon: “He keeps telling a lot of lies, there is no article in the law that says that children have to choose at 3 or 4 years of age which sex they belong to. The Zan law deals with hate crimes, not this. You must be ashamed, ”then she got into a fight with Maurizio Gasparri. According to the senator, the law is likely to be wrecked because Zan and the Democratic Party are intolerant of the text: “Forza Italia is due to the worsening of the sanctions on homotransphobia, but the gender self-declaration has nothing to do with the anti-discrimination rule. The article that talks about the crime of opinion has nothing to do with the indoctrination at school of 7-8 year old children on transsexuality ”. There Picierno denies that there is an obligation: “Schools voluntarily and in the context of school autonomy can promote programs that raise awareness against discrimination” and Gasparri: “If the intent is to introduce an anthropological revolution with conditioning in schools, we say no”. The deputy of the Democratic Party becomes a beast and interrupts him: “But where is this thing written about schools? Where is it? It’s a lie! Tell me what is the article where it says that you can change your sex “and the former minister exasperates the tone:” Can I talk ?! Picierno, Zan and Letta are intolerant, they are Nazis. They don’t want Parliament to work, they want to shut it down. Yes, Nazis ”. There Picierno he comments: “Fascists and Nazis are on his side, we have always fought them. They have nothing to do with my political history, but with yours ”.

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Gasparri Picierno total brawl Zan Tempo bill

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