sites and apps that tell you where they cost less –

sites and apps that tell you where they cost less –
sites and apps that tell you where they cost less –
of Maurizio Bertera

To cope with the inevitable summer growth in gasoline and diesel costs, sites and apps are multiplying where you can look for the distributor with the least disadvantageous prices. Starting with Google Maps

Punctual as the evening thunderstorms, the dear gasoline returns. In the weekly surveys conducted by the Minister of Economic Development, the price in self-service mode reached 1.65 euros per liter (1,649.60 cents), marking the highest level since November 2018. There was also a leap for diesel, which stood at at 1.508 euros per liter, the highest price since June 2019. The week before, gasoline stood at 1.634 euros and diesel at 1.494 euros. Once again, we are among the European countries where you spend the most at the distributor, even if in the comparative tables those of Northern Europe have higher prices. But we always forget that their average purchasing power is higher – sometimes clearly – than ours. In any case, beyond the ritual (right, by the way) alarm of consumer associations, it is clear that in this asymmetrical war for the Italian motorist, the only weapon available remains to limit damage by looking for where to spend less at the distributor.

Google Maps

From March 2021, Google Maps it allows you to view the nearest petrol stations, but also the price of fuel. Initially the reports were very few, but week after week the coverage promised by Mountain View became more widespread, with the promise to cover the whole territory in a precise way. In order to take advantage of this function, there are no steps to follow, since the prices of available fuels (where supplied, of course) are automatically shown on the service station presentation page. By opening the card of the chosen petrol station, Google Maps thus shows the prices among the first information, adding, depending on the case, also a notice on the latest updates made, for which it is not possible to contribute: a desirable option in the future.

On web and device is probably the most well-known and clicked site (but also apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry 10) among those that report the cheapest distributors. The prices are entered by the same users registered on the site. To find the distributor or the area of ​​interest just do a simple search by entering the name of the city, the street or the zip code. In addition to updated prices, the fuel station cards also contain the address (including web and email, if available), telephone number, opening hours and payment methods. A similar portal, a web platform available for PCs, smartphones and tablets that allows you to quickly obtain prices throughout the national territory. There is also an institutional resource, namely the Fuel Price Observatory of the Ministry of Economic Development. Reachable on the web and on the app, it allows you to check in real time the selling prices of fuels actually charged at plants throughout Italy, as communicated by the managers of the points of sale on a weekly basis or in the case of midweek increases.

A sea of ​​apps

Not bad, the Autostrade per l’Italia website offers a platform to find the cheapest prices on the motorway network: to obtain the cost of fuel in the various distributors, you need to enter your route (for example from Milan to Genoa) or choose a specific route. (A1, A4, A16, etc.). In the results, in addition to the price of petrol, diesel and LPG, often updated instantly, also all the services offered by the individual filling stations. Other worthy apps are Most Economical Fuel showing up-to-date fuel prices for Germany, Austria, France, Italy and Spain. The well-known Waze (mainly used for maps and traffic alerts); Fuel Flash (shows the fuel prices of over 60 thousand filling stations in Italy, France, Austria, Germany, Portugal and Spain, communicated by the competent authorities and always updated); Near gasoline (only for iOS); Petrol Price Comparator; Fuel Prices.

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