data for Thursday 15 July

There are 2,455 new cases of Coronavirus registered in the last 24 hours in Italy, an increase compared to yesterday: this is what emerges from today’s bulletin, July 15. The swabs carried out were 190,922 and the positivity rate increased to 1.3%. The number of victims decreases, 9 since yesterday.

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Another leap forward in Covid infections in Italy: the new cases of Coronavirus in Italy registered in the last 24 hours are 2,455, never so many since June 6, an increase compared to yesterday’s 2,153 infections. The Covid victims in the last day were 9 (yesterday 27), for a total of 127,840 deaths since the beginning of the health emergency. This is what emerges from the bulletin today, Thursday 15 July, just released by the Ministry of Health. Consequently, the number of infections since the beginning of the pandemic in our country rose to 4,278,319. On the last day, 190,922 tests were carried out, including molecular and antigenic swabs: the rate of positivity it settled at 1.3%. The current cases are 40,900 while the healed are 4,109,579. The Region with the most daily cases is the Lombardy.

The new cases Region by Region

Sale a 4.278.319 the total number of infections since the beginning of the pandemic of Coronavirus. Below is the table with the figures of the daily bulletin and the numbers of increases Region by Region:

  • Lombardy: +381
  • Veneto: +318
  • Campania: +234
  • Emilia-Romagna: +167
  • Piedmont: +68
  • Lazio: +353
  • Puglia: +42
  • Tuscany: +173
  • Sicily: +353
  • Friuli-Venezia Giulia: +21
  • Walking: +40
  • Liguria: +31
  • Abruzzo: +50
  • P.A. Bolzano: +13
  • Calabria: +32
  • Sardinia: +112
  • Umbria: +20
  • P.A. Trento: +23
  • Basilicata: +5
  • Molise: +10
  • Aosta Valley: +0

Swabs and positivity rate

The swabs carried out today in Italy in total, including molecular and antigenic tests, were 190,922. The rate of positivity it stood at 1.3%, up from 1.02% yesterday.

Hospitalization and intensive care

As for the number of Covid patients hospitalized, 153 beds are occupied in intensive care with 11 admissions of the day. Ordinary hospitalizations are instead a total of 1,089, therefore 19 less than yesterday.

At what point are vaccinations in Italy

Based on the latest update of the report on the anti-Covid vaccination campaign in Italy, 59,368,398 vaccine doses are administered in total in our country. The people who received the second dose or in any case completed the vaccination cycle are 25,286,020, corresponding to 46.82% of the population over 12 years old.

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