Coronavirus, all the data of the Delta Variante in the Lazio Region

Coronavirus, all the data of the Delta Variante in the Lazio Region
Coronavirus, all the data of the Delta Variante in the Lazio Region

For Councilor D’Amato, the itinerant vaccination plan will serve to counteract the viral variant

Coronavirus, all the data of the Delta Variant in the Lazio Region –

Antonio D’Amato, councilor for health of the Lazio Region, in the daily summary document of the epidemiological trend also spoke of the dreaded Delta Variante.

“The epidemiological picture – he says – shows a further increase in the circulation of the variant, which is the prevailing variant in circulation in all the ASLs”.

“From the sequences carried out on all the positive swabs it emerged that in 57.1% of the cases a Delta variant was identified”, explains D’Amato.

Two thirds (64.7% of cases) are concentrated in the metropolitan area of ​​Rome.

“More than three quarters of the cases are people under the age of 50 and 66% of cases with delta variant infection are under the age of 30,” he adds.

“The median age of the cases is 29 years. 76.5% of cases are unvaccinated. This proportion reaches 90.4% if the vaccinated with a single dose are also added. The proportion of hospitalization in cases with the Delta variant is 6.6% ”.

In this sense D’Amato also recalled Operation Delta: an itinerant vaccination plan, designed precisely to increase the number of vaccinated people with a view to minimizing the damage caused by the viral variant.

The program is being updated.

D’Amato then wanted to underline the great adhesion of the Sikh Community in the territory of the ASL of Latina.

In the territory of the Roma 4 Local Health Authority, the Delta Operation vaccinations are scheduled for tomorrow 16 July in Civitavecchia, Mazzano and Magliano and the day after 17 July in Canale Monterano and Manziana.


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