Mariacristina Masi, young, undertake Italian politics

Mariacristina Masi, young, undertake Italian politics
Mariacristina Masi, young, undertake Italian politics

We have the pleasure of interviewing Mariacristina Masi, young, undertake, Italian politics –

Hello and welcome to our editorial office – first request a short presentation for our readers.

Hello, I’m Mariacristina Masi, I currently hold the position of Vice President of the Council of the X Municipality, after being the most voted in the administrative elections of 2017. I was already a Councilor in the last council and previously I played the role of President of the Council Municipal for Youth Policies For years now I have been carrying out political activity in the center-right in my territory and in the city of Rome.

Her name is Katia Serra and she too was a “first woman in history who”. The former Italian footballer, councilor of the female FIGC and lecturer at the San Raffaele University in Rome, can boast of having been the first female voice to comment on a final match of the Italian national team, Italy-England on Sunday evening – as a woman and as a fan, how do you judge this all-female revolution to tell the story of football on TV?

I see it as an important step towards true gender equality. Unfortunately, in Italy, we are still far behind from this point of view. It is both a cultural and political issue and an effort by everyone is needed to allow greater access for women to the world of work, even in sectors that are considered purely “male”. The selection, in any context, must be made on the basis of merit and not gender, on this women engaged in politics must make their voices heard.

Who authorized the national team bus parade in the center of Rome? – the company that made the vehicle available reveals that it was alerted by the FIGC: “we received a call at 4.30 pm asking us to move towards the city center and the police escorted us. Evidently they had been warned. otherwise they would have blocked us “- how do you judge this event? in Italy the rules are written to then upset them and find no culprit?

We have the fault of ruining any national success with a flood of controversy. We are united at least on the victory of our national football team, earned on the field, with great team strength. This is missing in Italy at the moment, a great collective push. We try to recover it, we are a great people, we can return to excel in many areas in which unfortunately we have been overcome in recent years.

The Lufthansa airline and its subsidiaries have decided to abolish the greeting to passengers “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome on board” because it is considered too little neutral with respect to genders: what is its position on the Zan Ddl: the discussion in the Senate resumes, Iv: ‘The Democratic Party is the real party against the law’ …

It is a very complex subject, which requires great seriousness in dealing with it. There must be respect for all positions and a law cannot be expected to impose a model of society. It is one thing to protect rights, to guarantee freedom, to defend individual choices, it is quite another to impose a vision. I think it is important to find a synthesis in Parliament on these issues and it seems to me that the Zan Law was not born from a great sharing. The real risk of this law is to pass as a crime even a simple expression of thought devoid of any discriminatory intent, we must prevent this from happening while remaining firm on the fact that it is necessary to decisively repress any form of discrimination. On this, however, our parliamentarians are doing a great job, it would be appropriate to ask them.

By now Forza Italia is also convinced that some bolts in the antivirus barrier need to be tightened to prevent a third wave from repairing the country, putting our hospitals under stress again. And on the extended use of the Green Pass not even the League closes anymore, which does not want to hear about its use to enter bars and restaurants, but for other things, such as cinemas and shows, but also means of transport for long distances, is willing to sit around a table to discuss it among governors – what are the solutions in your opinion?

I ran to get vaccinated as soon as I could, but I don’t deny that I wonder a lot about the limits that a rule of law must set itself when it comes to the obligations it intends to impose on citizens. Also on this there must be a strong sharing, the supporters between “we close at home those who do not want to get vaccinated” and “pretend nothing has happened”, which frighten me even a little, must be overcome by a serene confrontation that takes into account the contrast to the health emergency and absolute respect for individual choices. Here, too, an intelligent synthesis is needed.

More than 4 years, 6 months and 14 days have passed since June 20, 2016, the historic day in which Virginia Raggi with over 67% of the preferences defeats Roberto Giachetti of the Democratic Party in the ballot and thus becomes mayor of Rome: how does she judge her work ?

The judgment on the Rays is a rhetorical question I imagine. For years I have denounced both in the Council, and in any public utterance, my disapproval of the work of the current Mayor. Virginia Raggi not only failed to address the administrative machine, but she also betrayed those few points that we could share with the M5S, first of all that of greater transparency. Never as in this council have we had difficulty in finding papers and examining documents. We hope it was just a bad page also due to the disaffection of citizens towards the so-called traditional parties.

The waste emergency, as well as health care, also risks becoming public order. Yesterday in Rome was an explosive day, which began in the Quadraro first with a fire off Quintili and then with the protest of the citizens who blocked Via Tuscolana: the Lidense situation?

In theory, the Lidense situation is less serious than in other quadrants of the city, but we certainly cannot console ourselves with this. The truth is that Raggi and Zingaretti, despite by now a future is envisaged in which M5S and PD, for their survival, must continue to work in local alliances, continue to throw responsibilities on the shoulders of citizens. There has not been a real acknowledgment that on such important issues the administrator must represent the interest of the city and not the squabbles and party rivalries. We have come to the point where we have small dumps on the side of the roads, claiming that you have done a good job is not only not intellectually honest, but it is also ridiculous. Another topic on which we could make the same speech is that of transport, see for example the management of the Rome – Lido.

Rome is a city on its knees, stripped of the rampant malfeasance of recent years and suffering from some chronic problems that have made the lives of citizens almost hell as well as driving away many tourists: is Enrico Michetti the right man to revive the capital?

It is very difficult to find the right person to govern a difficult city like Rome. Enrico Michetti I would say is what is needed right now. A person suitable to administer after a period in which the grillini, due to obvious shortcomings, were unable to give addresses to the immense and complex administrative machinery of Rome Capital. It is a substantial response to improvisation, it is above all the most suitable figure to push those of competence to give more powers to the capital and thus make it more manageable. We can say that Michetti is actually a man of action and this is what Rome needs.

Rome must be strongly relaunched in terms of tourism, which has always been the financial heart of the city. Despite the Jubilee that has just ended, however, the data are constantly decreasing, with no news on the subject that at the moment seems to be on the horizon as well as no major event capable of attracting a large number of visitors: What are your projects for Ostia and for the Roman coast?

We have just said that Rome is submerged by garbage, are we surprised that tourism is not up to the wonders that Rome offers? Tourism is also fueled by the services offered, by the image of efficiency of the city, by the good international reputation. Rome in recent years has been described as a mafia, the images that circulate are of absolute degradation, no one invests in the capital anymore. We have to start from here again: to raise the image of Rome in the world, with serious, constant work, carried out with our head down.

What does Ostia represent for you?

Ostia represents for me what it must represent for all Romans: a great resource for the capital of Italy on which resources and projects must focus. Ostia allows Rome to overlook the sea, to be a seaside city, we often underestimate this aspect.

Are there any graces in your career?

Yes. There is a phrase that I always repeat: “our strength is our people”. I have to thank the citizens of the X Municipality, who have supported and trusted me in recent years, even in the most complicated moments. They have been my greatest stimulus to do well, to study, to improve and my strength in political battles.

Future projects ?

The project for the future is to send the M5S home and give a valid alternative, I stress valid, for the government of the capital and I will do it by engaging myself in this electoral competition.

Marco Dal Puppo

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