garrison of workers outside the Prefecture

Choirs, drums and smoke bombs during the meeting between institutions, trade unions and the company

Choirs, smoke bombs, drums and many whistles outside the Prefecture in Florence. They are the workers of Gkn, a company in Campi Bisenzio where the dismissal procedure is underway for 422 people.

Today, Thursday 15 July 2021, the table with Mise began at around 2 pm, chaired by Deputy Minister Todde. The Ministry of Labor, the Tuscany region, the municipality of Florence, the municipality of CAMPI BISENZIO, GKN Driveline Firenze SpA, Confindustria Firenze and trade unions are participating. Via Cavour was closed and manned by the police, while many people gathered outside the Prefecture during the negotiations for the future of the company and the workers.

“We want our work”, one of the choirs repeated by the Gkn workers in garrison.

These are the words of the mayor of Florence Dario Nardella before the table: “I will be at the table together with the other institutions in the prefecture for the Gkn dispute. We will go with a very clear position: immediately suspend the dismissal procedure and open a concrete table not only with the company but also counts the English owner fund. ”

The confrontation is still ongoing. Meanwhile, the position of Deputy Minister Todde emerges: “No one is considering the possibility of industrial restructuring that is considering either the withdrawal of the dismissal procedure or the start of a path shared with the trade unions and the Mise to find the best solutions. The company is part of a multinational group and the analysis made on a single plant does not hold up because a more general analysis is needed. The company must consider that this is not a normal period, we are coming out of the pandemic. I hope we return to a shared path. With unilateral choices, nothing can be tackled ”.

“That of the company was a behavior that I find absolutely incorrect. Closing a factory out of the blue with an email gives the idea of ​​looking only at profit logics without respecting the dignity of workers and respect for industrial relations and Italian bargaining “, said Deputy Minister Todde at the GKN table according to what is learns.

The President of the Tuscany Region Eugenio Giani also intervened “Finding himself out of work from one day to the next – said Giani, addressing Andrea Ghezzi, CEO of Gkn Italia connected remotely and not intervening at the table in the Prefecture- and finding out through an email means skipping the rights and dignity of workers, without even envisaging the activation of a process of social safety nets. This procedure denies the dignity of work – declared Giani forcefully – reminding the company that here we are in Tuscany and Italy and we do not allow the procedures and practices of our labor legislation, the fruit of our history, to be trampled on “.

“I ask Melrose Industries – added Giani – to put his face on it by assuming his own responsibilities because, and I say this clearly, we in Tuscany do not accept these behaviors and we will tell the world what is happening here: a commodification of productive activity ”.

Tough exchange between Deputy Minister Todde and the company’s lawyers “It has never happened to me to confront myself with the company’s lawyer and not with the management. To say that today’s is not an official table is a very serious lack of respect. This is an institutional table and you cannot afford to behave like this in front of the government, the region, the city, the trade unions and trade union organizations. This is not an industrial crisis, and the company knows it, but a dispute in which we are talking about problems related to financial issues. We will carry out all the appropriate initiatives, because today’s is not the correct attitude on your part. I acknowledge your disrespectful behavior, you were asked to show up in attendance and you said no. You are closing a factory because you have financial problems, the state deals with those who have the power to deal. “

With Giani, for the Tuscany Region, Valerio Fabiani, advisor to the president for corporate crises, Alessandra Nardini councilor for work were present in the Prefecture, supported by Paolo Tedeschi of the Presidency office.

At the end, a press conference is scheduled.


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