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Paolo Bonolis’ wife does not hide her new company, the curiosity of the fans is growing

Sonia Bruganelli, wife of Paolo Bonolis, in charge of the casting of the broadcasts conducted by the well-known presenter, she has recently also been a producer and new commentator of the Big Brother Vip. Beautiful and charming, she is often seen in many television living rooms. The love story between Paolo Bonolis e Sonia Bruganelli begins in 1997, after the presenter had closed with the showgirl Laura Freddi. The two, despite the 13 years of difference, got married in 2002. Paolo e Sonia I am therefore married for 19 years. From their union three children were born: Silvia, Davide ed Adele.

Lately, Sonia confessed that she and her husband went through a moment of crisis after the firstborn is born. Silvia, who is now 18, was born with a heart problem serious. This in fact gave rise to various disagreements within the couple, on which was the right path to take to treat the child. As soon as she was born she had heart surgery. The post-operative period was problematic and led her to have some delays in the growth process. Does the air of crisis between the two continue? It cannot be excluded, also because Sonia spares no curious clues on her social networks.

On his jet along with another, the photo on Instagram

Struggling with attacks and even very heavy insults by many haters, who criticize her for any of her posts, Sonia often uses social media to send messages to her fans. This time, thanks to the moment of crisis with her husband, the clue on Instagram did not go unnoticed. The entrepreneur has in fact immortalized the journalist Gabriele Parpiglia on his private jet, to which he offered a buffet. “Now don’t do what has never been on a private plane – Mrs. Bonolis says sarcastically – pyou also want to eat, I’m not asking for money “. Parpiglia answers with laughter: “It is actually the first time on a private plane “.

Gabriele Parpiglia is the author of numerous television programs, come “very true“, “Maurizio Costanzo Show“, “The interview“, Tikitaka” e “The island of the famous“. The two met in the corridors of Mediaset studios and there are those who say that the agreement between the two seems to have immediately taken off. Meanwhile, Sonia’s followers went wild on her Instagram profile. In fact, the comments of the fans were immediate: “You can eat, I don’t ask you for anything ‘you can’t hear it “. It’s still: “We didn’t realize it was a private plane, you did well to point it out “. “Useless and snooty video “. It is not the first time that Sonia Bruganelli provokes her followers.


Sonia Bruganelli chat shows traveling Democrat

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