Assassin’s Creed Infinity: this is how we imagine it!

What if the project that seems to scare everyone turns out to be a winning idea? This is how we imagine Assassin’s Creed Infinity!

First we complain that an Assassin’s Creed every year or two is too much, then when Ubisoft seems to really want to find a solution, we complain the same. Is there a way out?

Maybe yes, and it is represented by a Assassin’s Creed Infinity of the highest level.

Have you never heard of Infinity? Don’t worry, because the announcement is recent and the project is still shrouded in mystery, so you haven’t missed anything but a new sterile controversy. This time the loudest audience raised their spears against an Assassin’s Creed who apparently tries to take the path of GAAS, but are we sure we understand what is meant by this acronym (which stands for Game As A Service)? And are we really sure that this turning point does not bring with it important positive implications?

We believe not, so we explain how to do it let’s imagine Assassin’s Creed Infinity!

A killer in the metaverse

Let’s start with GAAS: the term is now used only in a negative exception, when in reality it can also be applied to mainly offline games, the important thing is that they are well supported after their debut in stores. And since when is a well-supported game bad news, or something to avoid? GAAS doesn’t necessarily mean dealing with a Destiny or even a Marvel’s Avengers; it is not even synonymous with a problematic or bankrupt project, nor with a game mainly online.

After this necessary clarification, however, it must be clarified precisely on Assassin’s Creed Infinity that more than one GAAS seems to have the features of a metaverso, that is a persistent and ever-expanding world with which to interact through an avatar. Everyone seems to be working on their own thematic metaverse, not least Epic and Activision, so get ready because we’ll be hearing more and more about it in the near future.

A il mio

Assassin’s Creed Infinity as a metaverse is the most sensible thing to do today, and if conceived well (here it is legitimate to have doubts, after all, everyone can make mistakes and Ubisoft has often done it), it could really make the series infinite, just as its title. We have an idea of ​​how it could be and we want to bring it to your attention not only to restore a vision devoid of hatred and dangerous preconceptions, but also to understand what you think.

In fact, Assassin’s Creed Infinity could become our very personal one Animus with which you can freely access the historical periods that we will have unlocked. Here we are all Abstergo employees and we can also meet other users in the cafeteria, in the common areas and thus organize cooperative expeditions through the multiplayer content that will inevitably arrive, because after the unsuccessful Unity experiment these modes are destined to return.

Abstergo employees

In our customizable room, in a corner, we will find our Animus. Once inside, we will be able to access all the old Assassin’s Creed, the newer ones and of course the ones that will arrive along the way. Here Ubisoft could give us the option to buy them individually, or use a subscription system as it has been offering for some time for the Ubisoft Connect service. This new structure could push the company to create important remakes, in order to update settings and their respective stories to modern quality standards, as well as using the latest graphics engines seen in action with Origins first, and Valhalla last.

One for all

Assassins Creed Iii Remastered 20190327164547

The Assassin’s Creed Infinity Animus could optionally take advantage of the cloud, in order to allow us access to each adventure without any loading. Having access to all Assassin’s Creed at the same time, nothing would prevent you from reusing old cities, such as Florence Assassin’s Creed II or Revelation’s Constantinople / Istanbul to set new stories; it would also finally be possible to create some that extend over multiple settings and historical periods, with time leaps now limited by technology and in scope.

And would you like an Assassin’s Creed Infinity like this, and how would you imagine it? Get down with the comments!


Assassins Creed Infinity imagine

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