The Delta variant also infects those who have had two doses of the vaccine: Ricciardi’s alarm

The Delta variant also infects those who have had two doses of the vaccine: Ricciardi’s alarm
The Delta variant also infects those who have had two doses of the vaccine: Ricciardi’s alarm

“The Delta variant even bores the double vaccination cycle” for this reason “The Green Pass must be issued only after the two doses” and it is necessary “to continue with tests and tracking even for vaccinated”, explained, Walter Ricciardi, Professor of Hygiene and Preventive Medicine and advisor to the Minister of Health.

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The Delta variant it can also infect those who have had two doses of anti covid vaccine, although fortunately it prevents serious cases of the disease, so “the green pass issued after a single dose of vaccine must be abolished”, he explained Walter Ricciardi, advisor to the Minister of Health. “The Green Pass must be released only after the two doses, but by now there is everyone’s agreement on this. I know that the Government is going in this direction “revealed the Full Professor of Hygiene and Preventive Medicine at the Catholic University speaking today at Agorà Estate on Raitre.”The Delta variant even breaks the double vaccination cycle in the sense that it confers a certain protection against serious illness and hospitalization but unfortunately in 30-35% of cases it causes infection even in subjects who have received the second dose of vaccine, let alone only one “, Ricciardi has always emphasized in favor of using drastic methods to contain the progress of infections.

Ricciardi: “French green pass is an adequate strategy”

Discounted Riccardi’s yes to the hypothesis of adopting too in Italy, the Green Pass model extended to the French that is, extending it to most social activities. “It is absolutely right to bring this model to Italy. We must face this fourth wave, which is threatening “, declared the adviser of Speranza, continuing:” We must choose based on the variants that emerge, the Delta variant is an extraordinarily contagious variant and therefore there is a need to take the more adequate measures. That of France is an adequate strategy “.

The virus selects the variants that pierce the vaccine

“Today with the delta variant even if you are vaccinated you can be infected so you have to continue with testing and tracking also for vaccinated. We must adapt to the variants, the advantage of the vaccinated is not to contract the serious disease, but testing and tracing is fundamental “added Riccardi, recalling that” the need for these measures derives from the fact that the more we hesitate the more we leave the possibility to the virus to select variants that not only pierce the vaccine for infection but also for protection “

The Delta plus and lambda variants are of concern

“Today we are looking very cautiously at one delta plus variant in India and an isolated lambda variant in Peru that worry us a lot, therefore get vaccinated as soon as possible to avoid hospitalization and illness but also to avoid other variants “underlined Ricciardi who is in favor of a vaccine requirement also for teachers similar to that which was foreseen for doctors


Delta variant infects doses vaccine Ricciardis alarm

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