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The Donatellas tell each other and Silvia explains how she is with her partner who is currently in prison

Published on July 15, 2021

Giorgio De Stefano, currently, it is still in prison on charges of mafia association. As is known, the man is the companion of the singer Silvia Provvedi, who, with his twin Giulia, forms the duo de The Donatella. Originally from Reggio Calabria, but well known in the Milanese salons, De Stefano was arrested on June 24, 2020, a few days after becoming the father of Nicole, who was born on June 18.

Silvia, since the fiance he had legal problems, he sipped the statements about him. In the past few hours she has returned to talk about her partner, interviewed by Blasting News. A few words but very clear: “I am very engaged. I believe in the innocence of my partner and father of our little girl. We are waiting for it. “ Thus the artist, who on the one hand continues to declare herself ‘committed’, on the other emphasizes that in her opinion the entrepreneur is not part of an illegal tour of which he is accused. Of course, the judges will decide.

Therefore Provvedi has not changed his mind compared to a few months ago. “I miss it so much – he explained -. Despite the difficulty and the division, the forced distance, we are so united that nothing and no one will divide us. I want to reiterate this forcefully. There are few means to communicate, but for us they become very important and we know how to exploit them “.

During the interview with Blasting News, together with Giulia, he then spoke about the new musical effort of The Donatella, the summer song entitled ‘Moralists on Pornhub’. Evidently an irreverent ‘provocation’. Reading the text it is clear that the target of the twins are the haters or ‘keyboard lions’, a subject that both are well aware of having been victims of waves of hatred from the internet on several occasions.

Giulia says that she has been labeled as a lesbian several times recently. Reason? In the image of cover of the song she and her sister share a kiss. “As if it were bad in society – points out -. Right now that on a historical and global level there is a great mental and legal openness on the subject of diversity, I also take the opportunity to specify that every person has the right and the pleasure to love what makes them feel better, man or woman. that is “.

Giulia also adds that she could also easily fall in love with a woman, because “Love has no sex, and I think I’m not the only one because there are many people who still don’t have the strength to admit it.”

Le Donatella against the haters of the web: the advice of the singers on how to deal with the ‘keyboard lions’

Space then for advice on how to deal with hater Network. According to Le Donatella we must not let ourselves be touched by the negativity of certain users as they produce hatred in large quantities for the simple fact that they are individuals “frustrated and inconsistent “. Giulia and Silvia reiterate that certain comments must not be taken seriously, to prevent them from provoking anger and anger that is not worth trying. “Always keep your head up and believe in yourself. One thing we have learned over the years: when you keep your eyes up, it is others who lower it “, they conclude with pride.

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