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hear what Lufthansa has done

We learn that the Teutonic airline Lufthansa she adhered to the canons of erotically correct catechesis and chose to abolish the way she used to welcome her passengers on board: “Dear ladies and gentlemen”. It seems to no longer be an inclusive form within the framework of the new erotic order under the banner of gender fluid and the prismatic multiplication of genres. It was not possible to limit the greeting on board to his lords and ladies, neglecting the other categories of gender. Thus the Teutonic company has adapted to the new order of the politically and erotically correct discourse.
I have two digressions on the subject. We are in the presence of the new orthographic revolutions and the asterisk reforms advocated by the “new left post-modern liberal” and enemy of the working classes.
This “post-modern new left”, having abandoned the workers, reinvents itself in less demanding fights who do not question the balance of power or even mention them. Thus, while workers are being massacred by the neo-liberal order and its “de-emancipatic” reforms, the sinister rainbows have nothing to complain about, except that they have to be called workers * out of respect for gender identity. The cosmopolitan patronage thanks and continues to manage the social, economic and labor sphere, glad that the left have abandoned the struggle for work and are dealing with the revolutions of the asterisk and reforms of the spelling rules.

Second, it must not escape as the production of the global neutral and the disarticulation of every border falls fully within the illogical logic of technical-capitalist nihilism. The latter, in order to saturate the consciences, must break down every real or symbolic border, so that everything without exclusion is within the capital and its encroachment practices. For this reason they advocate neutralization, that is, the hybrid, the unidentified, that which deprives its identity and which can then be filled with the identity of consumption chosen by economic fanaticism and its soulless praetorians. This is why it is so important to defend who we are, ours cultural boundaries and biological, communitarian and national, of genus and species, to prevent them from being desecrated by the boundless advance of the borderless turbo capital, which needs the hybrid, fluid, borderless, so that nothing can resist its advance.

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hear Lufthansa

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