The Forza Italia senator defends the Zan bill and is moved: “When my mother understood me she said ‘I’m afraid for you'”. 10 days ago his coming out

A few days after her coming out, the senator Barbara Masini took the floor in the Senate to defend the bill – first signed by Alessandro Zan – against homotransphobia and ability and, in a passage in which she was moved, spoke about her personal experience: “When she understood me my mother told me: ‘I’m afraid for you’. All parents are afraid for their children. For their future, for their health, for an accident, for a bitter chance of fate. But not everyone is forced to have pure for an immature society, who believes that your son or daughter may or should be more vulnerable for what they are ”. Then Masini turned to those who, for weeks, have been opposing the Zan bill: “I wish you all to be able to look your loved ones in the eyes. Those of today and those of tomorrow, and also those that tomorrow will be different from your desires. And to be able to tell them, I in my small way have protected you from fear“.

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Forza Italia senator defends Zan bill moved mother understood afraid days coming

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