Because defending Cuba is a battle of civilization

Last Monday, in the early afternoon, I was able to participate in a garrison called by various solidarity organizations with Cuba, in conjunction with the demonstration organized in front of the Cuban embassy by a group of Cubans, a few dozen, strongly critical against the current government of Diaz-Canel. The impression is that behind this demonstration, as well as those that took place in Cuba and other parts of the world in recent days, there is a precise choice forces opposed to the Cuban socialist system to take advantage of the pandemic and the economic crisis that accompanies it to unleash a new frontal attack.

Joe Biden can deny what he wants to be the real architect of these mobilizations, but it is clear to everyone how the government of the United States constitutes the main referent of those who, in order to overthrow Cuban socialism, would be happy to see the landing of thousands of marines ready to hoist the star flag on the island in order to finally obtain, about sixty years later, the revenge on the Bay of Pigs – invasion failed which left on the ground many counter-revolutionaries framed, armed, equipped and financed by the US administration of the time.

Sixty years have passed but it remains unchanged and unwavering the intent of the US administrations to finally make a clean sweep of the Cuban anomaly. At this point it is a question clearly psychoanalytic as well as politics; the US ruling class, accustomed at least since 1945 to dominating the world, even if it now visibly dominates it much less, cannot tolerate that, in its own backyard, or rather in the Caribbean tub, there is a state so different from the model based on individual oppression, on the animal spirits of capitalism and on imposition urbi et orbi of his views on the market, democracy and rights. From this point of view Biden is no different from Donald Trump, even if within the Democratic Party there are different positions, not attributable to the deep State and its timeless hegemonic ambitions.

The tool the United States uses to try to shipwreck the Cuban socialist experience, once the impracticability of the military option has been verified, has been the infamous blocking. The damages inflicted by the latter have been carefully analyzed for some time and it is clear, to anyone who is not completely in bad faith, how the fact of having to manage an economy that is not able to trade freely with the rest of the world constitutes a very heavy burden, which would be unbearable for anyone – especially since it is an island land not very rich in raw materials and that the blocking in question has been going on for too long, despite practically the entire international community, with the constant exception of the United States and their Israeli vassal who in exchange receives the sums necessary to survive annually, have long been condemned this blatant violation of international law, freedom of trade, human rights and the right of self-determination.

On closer inspection, Cuba’s ability not only to survive but also to develop, reaching levels of human rights satisfaction that we dream of even in advanced capitalist countries such as Italy, has been, for these 60 and more years, a real miracle, which the various US administrations that have followed have witnessed with anger and growing bewilderment, even for the considerable electoral weight of Cuban refugees based in and around Miami.

The cursed pandemic was an unexpected help for Biden & C. The Cuban response was exemplary both internally, managing to date to contain the infection and implementing an important vaccination plan with vaccines, internationally verified, produced at home on the basis of that other miracle that is Cuban pharmaceutical research, and on the international one, addressing the commitment of brigades such as “Henry Reeve” also to capitalist countries such as Italy and Spain. But the obscene European right, including their Italic and Iberian segments, have apparently forgotten about this, as evidenced by the shameful recent vote in the European Parliament.

Today, however, the proliferation of variants poses new challenges and above all the economic damage it is enormous, given that it particularly affects tourism, which for Cuba has been the main source of valuable currency, especially in the last twenty years. Discontent therefore has real causes and roots. But, knowing a little about the Cuban reality, I believe that the counter-revolutionaries ultimately have little to rejoice about. The response of the most conscious and organized part of the Cuban people who took to the streets responding to the appeal of President Diaz-Canel was important and we are only at the beginning.

To all those who rub their hands in the face of the current situation by letting themselves go to hasty predictions on the alleged imminent end of Cuban socialism I would therefore recommend extreme caution and greater weighting of judgment. The slogan that accompanied the most difficult moments of the experience in question is back today: here nobody gives up (“Aquì no se rinde nadie”). Together with the other coined in its time by Rosa Luxemburg, which is also very topical today, in Cuba and throughout the world: “Socialism or barbarism”.

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