Green Pass, hypothesis for long-distance transport – Chronicle

Green Pass, hypothesis for long-distance transport – Chronicle
Green Pass, hypothesis for long-distance transport – Chronicle

Extend the mandatory green pass for access to long-distance transport. It is one of the hypotheses that, according to government sources, will be evaluated during the control room on Monday or Tuesday. Among the measures towards which we tend, there is also that of reserving – at least for some activities – the use of the green pass only after having made the second dose of vaccine, in line with the EU. Widespread use of the pass – as far as we know – would avoid resorting to more restrictive measures. On this front, the hypothesis is put forward of a greater weight of hospital RT on the risk profiles to be assigned to the regions.

The measures that will arise from the discussion on these issues will converge in the Government’s ’emergency decree’ expected by the end of July, which should also include the extension of the state of emergency, which currently ends on 31 July. There are two hypotheses, at the moment, of its next expiry: end of October or end of December.

“I think it is normal on an important issue such as” the Green pass “to have different sensibilities, it has also happened in the past. I am confident that also on this issue, as President Fedriga said, a unified solution will be found”. Thus the minister for the Regional Affairs Mariastella Gelmini in Brussels: “If we do not want to go back to having to close the country, we cannot waste time and we cannot be satisfied with the good results we have achieved. We must take a step forward. I think there will be the conditions to make these choices in a climate of cohesion, sharing while respecting the sensitivity of all “.

As the growth of cases and hospitalizations in Britain shows, “The Delta variant is very contagious and very fearsome, so let’s vaccinate, vaccinate and vaccinate. And we introduce the Green pass for all those situations in which there is aggregation “, says, at Agorà Estate, Walter Ricciardi, advisor to the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza and full professor of Hygiene and Public Health at the Catholic University of Rome. As for the possibility of reviewing some parameters that provide for the passage of color even based on the number of infected people, even without an increase in hospitalizations “it seems to me a false problem – says Ricciardi – what we have to do is vaccinate as many people as possible and continue with the Green pass that limits the possibility of movement of infected subjects. If we do this the problem does not arise because we keep under control both the circulation of the virus and the protection of the most vulnerable people. So – he concluded – we must see the problem from a another point of view “.

“If virtuous behavior remains fundamental to limit the circulation of the virus the use of the green pass on the French model for access to bars, restaurants and other activities, although desirable, is not very applicable in the short term due to various obstacles that should be addressed and removed“, notes Nino Cartabellotta, president of the Gimbe Foundation, on the occasion of the weekly report of the Foundation.” First of all – he explains – the unavailability of vaccines for all those who would like to receive them and the non-free swabs in all Regions generates a risk of discrimination ; secondly, tools and resources are needed for tight and systematic checks; finally, there is no law on the vaccination obligation for those who carry out tasks in contact with the public “.

“Talking today about a French green pass makes sense up to a certain point because with an Italy that is still all white and with still low infections it can be useful for travel and big events. But it can also make sense. in perspective, a few weeks from now. The infections are rising and therefore we must first evaluate the impact on our hospitals. I believe that it will be a minimal impact because today the infections are mainly among young people and those not vaccinated, so hospitalizations will be certainly less than when no one was vaccinated “. The undersecretary for health highlights this Pierpaolo Sileri, spoke to the microphones of the broadcast “Italy has awakened” on Radio Cusano Campus, which on the green pass explains that he “never said to apply it to the French”. “I said in May: we have a Green pass, let’s do it, to anticipate the reopening” he underlines. “The parameters – continues Sileri – must be based on hospitalizations due to infections. The risk is that the infections can continue to rise. If they rise and we do not change the parameters of the risk areas, it is clear that some restrictions are possible. Between the restriction and the having zero restrictions thanks to the green pass it is clear that the latter is the right tool to use for events at risk of crowding “. “Taking the example of stadiums – he adds – I would like them as full as possible and as safe as possible, for this reason the green pass is an opportunity. The same goes for discos. I am not saying that it should be used to go to the restaurant, but if a at some point we should reach 30 thousand infections with hospitals that are in difficulty at that point it is better to put restrictions or leave them open safely? It is clear that the green pass offers an opportunity in this sense “. “Let’s not call it the French green pass – he concludes – let’s just call it the green pass. France has a more serious epidemiological situation than ours and they have a wider vaccination hesitation than ours.

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