Waste emergency, Raggi asks for the support of the mayors (against Zingaretti) but gets the barricades

Waste emergency, Raggi asks for the support of the mayors (against Zingaretti) but gets the barricades
Waste emergency, Raggi asks for the support of the mayors (against Zingaretti) but gets the barricades

Open the landfills in the province. First that of Albano Laziale then also that of Colleferro. The Mayor’s recipe for taking the capital out of the waste emergency rests entirely on the territories of the metropolitan city. Except that the municipalities that are part of it do not seem at all willing to follow the mayor.

The blame placed on Zingaretti and the appeal to the mayors

In the extraordinary session on waste that took place in the Giulio Cesare Hall, the Mayor discharged the responsibilities of the current situation regarding the absence of landfills in Lazio. He did so by pointing his finger at “the failure of the Region and of President Nicola Zingaretti who has governed it for 8 years”. In his narration, once the blame was attributed to the regional body, Raggi also tried to involve the mayors of the Metropolitan City, asking them to “support us in the battle to reopen the Colleferro landfill and the other plants that are still usable”.

The mayors left in the square

The Mayor’s appeal was unsuccessful. While in the Capitoline Assembly he invoked the collaboration of his colleagues from the province, the same mayors present in Piazza del Campidoglio, and arrived from Albano, Castel Gandolfo, Cerveteri, Fiumicino, Santa Marinella, Colleferro, Rocca Priora, Zagarolo, Lariano, Valmontone, Castelnuovo di Porto , Capena, Torrita Tiberina, Sacrofano, Colonna, Genzano, Moricone, Vicovaro, Mazzano Romano, were denied access to the Aula Giulio Cesare. An obvious paradox that those who had arrived with the tricolor sash from Fiumicino, Valmontone, Colleferro or Albano, just to name a few, did not fail to underline.

The appeal rejected

“The Giunta (Rays ed) is deciding, after having done absolutely nothing for all these years, to take its garbage to our territories. And they discuss this without us “, recalled the mayor of Fiumicino Esterino Montino who remained in Piazza del Campidoglio all afternoon. Appeal rejected?” Absolutely yes, but it is not an appeal “because, continued the mayor of the airport city , the mayor “should in the meantime make a self-criticism of herself, since she has taken Rome to 45% of the differentiated and brought it to 42”.

Absurd to blame the M5s-PD guided region

The attempt to point the responsibility of waste in the streets to the body governed by Zingaretti, also diminishing the role of the Julius Caesar Hall, because “this council should have been held in the Pisana”, explained the mayor, who did not like it. ‘Aula presides over it. And so the former pentastellato Marcello De Vito, in premising that the Capitoline Assembly, “is not only the right place, but it is also the only one in which to address the issue of waste”, acknowledged that unloading all the blame on Region “which also has obvious responsibilities” is “absurd” given that “it is led by PD-M5s”. In addition, the former grillino pointed out, having changed nine administrators of Ama and three councilors for waste “is not the way to give continuity” and bags not collected in the street “speak for themselves: this administration on waste has failed”.

The appeal announced

As a corollary of the day on which the Mayor, announcing the opening of Albano Laziale, clumsily sought the support of colleagues in the province, left out to protest, the position of Massimiliano Borrelli, the mayor of Albano Laziale, must also be recorded. The first citizen of the Castellano municipality, in proposing an appeal to the Regional Administrative Court against the ordinance on the reopening of the landfill, stressed that Raggi “had a police station herself as the mayor of Rome, which did not address the problems, to resolve them as a metropolitan mayor” . Ultimately, without the support of the mayors present in Piazza del Campidoglio, the appeal fell on deaf ears. The attempt to unload the blame entirely on the Region has not been successful. Raggi found a wall.

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