To defend rights, the EU enlists the Muslim Brotherhood

To defend rights, the EU enlists the Muslim Brotherhood
To defend rights, the EU enlists the Muslim Brotherhood

The Muslim Brotherhood in the heart of Europe. Political Islam is elected as a privileged traveling companion, partner of a project financed by Europe, dedicated to rights and equality and presented a few days ago in Milan. This also happens, in a bewildered and subordinate West, and the instrument is once again the screen of “Islamophobia”.

On the one hand, the European Parliament produces theoretical documents that perfectly analyze the “ideological” context of Islamism: intolerance, the rejection of equality between men and women, of pluralism, of European values; but on the other hand, for his program “Rights, equality and citizenship”, he also relies on a controversial organization such as “Femyso”, which a large academic literature – also cited in an order of the Milan investigating judge – considers expression of the Muslim Brotherhood, the mother house of political Islam, which officially and tactically repudiated the use of violence in the West, but is branded as a terrorist organization in various countries and a few days ago was also “banned” in Austria.

In Vienna, the young prime minister Sebastian Kurtz has long ago decided to react: “Parallel societies, political Islam and radicalization have no place in our country” he thundered three years ago, routing in particular associations linked to Turkey. Even in Paris, President Emmanuel Macron has a similar line, and in Strasbourg, France is divided (and quarrels with the Turkish rais Recep Erdogan) over the project for the largest mosque in Europe, promoted by “Milli Gorus”. In Milan, however, the same acronym will have its own center, ratified in the town planning of the Municipality.

The Municipality itself presented, a few days ago, this “local action plan against Islamophobia” which is an integral part of the “Meet” project, funded by the European program “Rights, equality and citizenship” (which aims to promote gender equality). This «Meet», generously supported by the EU, in Milan (according to the president of the Equal Opportunities Commission Diana De Marchi) has already been illustrated to the deputy mayor Anna Scavuzzo, and has raised the antennas to the former deputy mayor Riccardo De Corato. “In a nutshell – summarized the exponent of Fdi – it is a project not to study the phenomenon of the submission of women in the Islamic world, but how our country discriminates against Islamic girls”.

“Meet” stands for “More Equal Europe Together”, involves five European countries and is coordinated in Italy by a Foundation, the Tree of Life, which in the Municipality with one of its managers mentioned Femyso, the European Forum of Islamic Youth Organizations. What is it about? “Femyso – explains Lorenzo Vidino, leading expert in Islamic radicalism and author of several essays on the subject, including the recent Western Islamists – is the youth branch of Fioe, an organization that is identified as the pan-European structure of the Brotherhood by services from half of Europe and from various leaders of the Brotherhood itself in the Middle East who, unlike the leaders of Fioe and Femyso, do not deny the link but rather flaunt it with pride ”.

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