The “pax grillina” does not last long: Conte is already under accusation

The “pax grillina” does not last long: Conte is already under accusation
The “pax grillina” does not last long: Conte is already under accusation

The Rai, you know, it is always a divisive theme. Once again the renewal of the state TV board has left a bad taste in the mouth, not only in the center-right but within the M5S.

Many, as Laura Rio wrote in today’s Giornale, hoped that Prime Minister Mario Draghi would put a stop to the appetites of the parties, but this was not the case. Once appointed Carlo Fuortes (a man very close to Minister Dario Franceschini) as CEO, the Prime Minister let the parties slaughter each other on the remaining appointments. Among the parliamentarians M5S, immediately after the vote of the Chambers, a palpable discontent filtered out. “We start badly, hoping not to get worse”, a pentastellato very disappointed with how the leader in pectore told Giuseppe Conte (who has not yet been officially appointed head by an online vote) led the negotiations on the Rai appointments. “The group’s estate exploded at the first call”, admits our source with closed notebooks.

Already yesterday, in fact, close to the vote, some M5S members of the Supervisory Commission had revealed their discontent: “We had been working for weeks, months on the most suitable profiles, then – they say with some irritation – suddenly they branded them without not even say the reason “. And again: “We are forced to vote for people without the necessary skills and – they add – we cannot even have our say. We start badly, very badly: practically the opposite of what we thought”. Hence the immediate request for an urgent group assembly that had the flavor of a real declaration of war. “If anyone had doubts that Beppe Grillo is fundamental in leadership, now he has immediately had proof of it “, a second-term parliamentarian tells us. According to one of the most experienced grillino,” the only solution is to ask Roberto Fico and Luigi Di Maio for help again, who will have the now famous work of mediation. “And while the diarchy between the guarantor and the former premier appears” implicit in the situation itself “, both the Speaker of the Chamber and the Foreign Minister are gloating.


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