“Roma deserve the stadium. Some councilors play the triple game”

ROMAMaurizio Costanzo, responsible for the communication strategies of the Roma e signing of the “Giallorossi Thoughts” on Corriere dello Sport, spoke on Retesport to talk about the new stadium and the club’s initiatives for the city.

How is your new experience with Roma going?
“It is a beautiful, exciting experience. I have two objectives: that Roma make the stadium and that a direct relationship be rebuilt between Roma and the fans. Why did I want to meet the radios? Because you are the direct link between the fans, the city and the Giallorossi team “

On the stadium?
“There are people who play the triple game. The stadium must be built, Rome has the right to have it, Rome is the capital of Italy, it has a very ancient history. Roma can claim to have a new plant. If the councilors under the table stop playing the games, maybe you will be able to do it. It’s time to act because then the summer holidays and the new mayor will come “

Have you spoken to the candidates for mayor of Rome?
“No I haven’t talked to them yet. I’ll do it after the elections, today the candidates tell what they like, I’ll talk to the new mayor “

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Friendly Rome, eyes on Zaniolo

How do you plan to involve the fans on this issue?
“We are studying various initiatives, personally I believe that the support of the fans is very useful. I believe that the fans should always be listened to, because they are the luck and bad luck of a team, beyond the results of a club. In this sense the radios are fundamental, because they are the direct link between the team and the city. I am pleased with your initiative on social networks with the hashtag RevocateStaDelibera. Put some banners around the city (laughs ed). This extraordinary phenomenon exists only in Rome, on all the Capitoline taxis there are radios that talk about Rome “

So many important initiatives for Roma Cares and Roma Department?
“Yes, there are many solidarity initiatives, such as that of Francesco Pastorella called ‘Amami e Basta’, extraordinary to combat violence against women. This afternoon I will meet Roma, to tell them to study new initiatives to be alive in the territory beyond the football team. I have the impression that in Rome there has not been great serenity both in the team and in the fans. I would very much like the season to start with great enthusiasm and serenity “

How did the contact with the Friedkins come about? What can they bring different from Pallotta?
“I met them through Fienga, they made an excellent impression on me because I saw great concreteness in them. I told them about the difference between Rome and Houston, they understood very well how much their investment is worth. I had the feeling that they know very well how important Roma are. I had a very good impression in the two meetings I had with Dan and Ryan Friedkin “

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Rome, team dinner in Trigoria and anthem. Mourinho excited

Is there a new message of opening the club towards fans and the media?
“Yes, I believe in it a lot, we will have an operational meeting a week with the Giallorossi club, with Fienga and with the others – not with the Friedkins – to carry out many projects. The result on the pitch is fundamental, but above all the relationship between the supporters and the club “

About Mourinho’s first press conference?
“It amuses me that before he rode a Vespa now he rides a bicycle (laughs ed). The Friedkins made a great purchase with Mourinho, we cannot forget what he won in Italy years ago too “

The Roma TV channel will no longer be broadcast on TV but on social media. Is this the direction?
“I am honest I have not dealt with it, I will deal with it and try to understand. I dedicated myself more to people, clubs, radios, fans “

Rome towards the friendly: Zaniolo laughs, Mourinho controls

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Rome towards the friendly: Zaniolo laughs, Mourinho controls


Roma deserve stadium councilors play triple game

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