Coronavirus and the auto sector: vehicle sanitation boom

Coronavirus and the auto sector: vehicle sanitation boom
Coronavirus and the auto sector: vehicle sanitation boom

In the auto sector, heavily hit by an unprecedented crisis in 2020 due to the Coronavirus, as we all know by now, there has also been another important change, also due to the global pandemic.

We are talking about the new trend of purchases of aftermarket products and services, since last year there has been an incredible boom in the sanitation of car interiors. In particular, there have been (and continue to be) many cleaning operations of the vehicle ventilation systems (+ 36%) and replacement of the cabin filter (+ 23%) compared to 2019.

These increases are the largest in the entire sector, in fact the other increases recorded are 29% for the purchase of All Season tires, + 14% for the maintenance of the spark plugs, + 12% for the topping up of engine oil and finally the replacement of the batteries increased by 7%.

Then there are professional services that are in sharp decrease, first of all the purchase of winter tires (-27%) and all maintenance products and services (which are carried out mainly when the car is used a lot, but due to the lockdown last year the trends have changed) . Diesel filter changes decreased by 25%, -24% for brake discs, -16% pads, 13% drop for glow plugs and 11% for oil and filter changes (-12% ), timing belt -6%, as well as the water pump (the data was collected by the Autopromotec Observatory).

On the other hand, as we said, we have noticed the great increase in the demand for products and services related to the sanitation of the passenger compartment, thesanitation of the interior. The habits of people, in all areas, have changed a lot due to the Coronavirus pandemic. More and more attention is paid to daily hygiene and to the quality of the air we breathe, to try to avoid situations that could turn into occasions of contagion.

This is the main reason why car washes and specialized workshops in Italy constantly see the business that revolves around sanitation services grow. In 2020, due to the various Dpcm and total closures, car journeys have decreased dramatically, which is why many car maintenance services have suffered a sharp decline. Same thing goes for the sale of winter tires, the decline was evident, certainly caused by a drastic decrease in travel due to Covid.

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