Weather, July 16 thunderstorms also extended to Central Italy

Weather, July 16 thunderstorms also extended to Central Italy
Weather, July 16 thunderstorms also extended to Central Italy

On central Europe it is present low pressure vortex, centered on Germany, capable of influencing the weather conditions on Italy. Its effects will also be felt in the next few days, as this vortex will move south, doing further increase instability on our territory. On Friday 16 July, instability will spread over a large part of the Center-North with showers and thunderstorms; during the weekend, however, the phenomena will concentrate on the Center-South, interrupting a long phase of total absence of rain.

The weather on these days will remain quite cool for the period with temperatures even lower than the typical climatic averages of July: in general the values ​​will not exceed the threshold of 30 degrees, with peaks of 31-33 degrees at the most. Italy remains under the effect of the Mistral winds, whose insistence is bringing the wave motion of our seas from rough to very rough.

The weather forecast for Friday 16

Unstable weather in the Center-North with possible scattered rains from the morning between Veneto and Emilia Romagna, towards the central regions; more common thunderstorms in the afternoon on the Alps and the Apennines, internal sectors of the central regions, but locally also in the Po Valley and along the coasts. In the south and on the islands, prevalence of sun even if with the passage of a little cloudiness; risk of afternoon thunderstorms on the internal sectors of northern Puglia.

Temperatures without great variations, maximum values ​​mostly below 30 degrees, with a few degrees more on the ionic sectors. The Mistral wind insists, with very rough seas near Sardinia.

The weather forecast for Saturday 17

Some clouds alternating with bright spells in the North, particularly large in the North-West, and only the possibility of short and isolated rains or showers on the Piedmont, eastern Alps and northern Apennines. In the Center-South, however, already from the second part of the morning it will be possible development of thunderstorms scattered which will be less likely in upper Tuscany, central-southern Adriatic Puglia, lower Calabria, southern Sicily and western Sardinia.

Temperatures will return to rise significantly in the North, with maximum values ​​that will return to around the seasonal averages; elsewhere no significant changes are expected.

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