arrested in Mazara del Vallo

arrested in Mazara del Vallo
arrested in Mazara del Vallo

A horrible story a Mazara del Vallo. Kills, by shooting him, the cane of the neighbor who had bitten his daughter’s hand, and drags him along the street tying him with a rope to his own van and post all his operation on social networks. In the video, framing the poor animal dead, claims the gesture, speaking of a promise of revenge kept. This is the accusation contested by the Carabinieri, in the Trapani area, of a 44-year-old Romanian who was arrested for killing an animal, illegal possession of weapons, illegal weapons, alteration of weapons and illegal possession of weapons and ammunition. The investigations were started after the complaint presented by the president of the national non-profit animal protection association.

The soldiers of the weapon have viewed all the material published by the man on social networks where he often portrayed himself in selfies with guns and ammunition in hand.

Kills a dog, residence obligation

During a house search, the 44-year-old was seized: an illegal artisanal firearm, 80 buckshot cartridges, 113 blank cartridges, a modified 9 caliber blank pistol without a red cap.

Rome, abusive lager breeding of Husky dogs without food or water discovered: 110 animals saved, 1 found dead

The man was under house arrest where he remained until the validation hearing during which the obligation of residence in Mazara del Vallo and presentation to the Judicial Police was ordered. At the same time, the provision of citizenship income was suspended.


arrested Mazara del Vallo

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