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Italian thieves prefer FIAT. Three models of the Turin-based company present in the first three positions of the ranking of the most stolen cars in Italy in 2020. The favorite remains the Panda victim of more than 11% of total thefts in front of the 500 but not in the top-10. surprises.

The Fiat Panda continues to be the favorite car of the thieves in Italy. In 2020 in fact in our country 66,110 cars were stolen and over 11% of these thefts he had a Panda as his victim. In addition to being the best-selling car, the small car of the Turin-based company is also the one that most often ends up in the crosshairs of Italian criminals. The latter also prefer two other FIAT models which together with the Panda make up the podium in the ranking of most stolen cars in Italy over the last year compiled by LoJack, a leading company in the vehicle safety sector, monitoring the data provided by the Ministry of the Interior. The same dossier also highlights how Campania in 2020 was the region in which the greatest number of car thefts occurred.

At the top of the ranking of the most stolen cars in Italy in 2020, as mentioned, there is still Fiat Panda which for years has held the record for years: from January to December there were 7,415 thefts involving this car. Following two other creations by the Piedmontese manufacturer that seem to be very attractive for Italian thieves: in fact, in second place with 6,889 units subtracted we find the Fiat 500, while in third position with 5,252 thefts is the Point.

To find the first car not branded FIAT you have to go down to fourth place in the ranking where there is the Lancia Ypsilon with 2,930 specimens stolen in Italy in 2020. In fifth position we find the foreign car with the highest number of thefts, namely the Golf of the German Volkswagen target of criminals on 1,491 occasions. Scrolling through the ranking there are other cars that have been on the list of favorites for Italian car thieves for years: in fact, in sixth place there is the Smart Fortwo (1.381) followed by the Renault Clio (1.324), Ford Fiesta (1.138), Opel Corsa (821) e Fiat Uno which with its 718 thefts closes the top-10.

The ranking of the most stolen cars in Italy in 2020

  1. Fiat Panda: 7,415 thefts
  2. Fiat 500: 6,889 thefts
  3. Fiat Punto: 5,252 thefts
  4. Lancia Ypsilon: 2,930 thefts
  5. Volkswagen Golf: 1,491 furti
  6. Smart Fortwo: 1.381 furti
  7. Renault Clio: 1,324 thefts
  8. Ford Fiesta: 1,138 thefts
  9. Opel Corsa: 821 thefts
  10. Fiat Uno: 718 thefts


models preferred thieves thefts

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