An entire department blocked to protect Belen’s privacy. The denunciation of the trade unions in Padua

An entire department blocked to protect Belen’s privacy. The denunciation of the trade unions in Padua
An entire department blocked to protect Belen’s privacy. The denunciation of the trade unions in Padua

PADOVA. “An unjustified ad hoc organization in a public structure such as the civil hospital” Following the birth of Belen Rodriguez, the famous Argentine showgirl and new mother of the little Luna Marì, which took place on Monday night in the Obstetrics Clinic of the University Hospital of Padua, some internal controversy broke out in the hospital. In particular, what would not have gone down on the part of the health personnel would have been the need to completely reorganize the third floor of the maternal and child area to protect the privacy of a VIP like Belen. To move and ask for explanations are first of all the trade unions.


“We have had several reports about it. A real machine had to be organized to protect the privacy of a celebrity who chose Padua to give birth – says Alessandra Boots of the Fp Cgil – We understand that a wing of the third floor, where Belen was hospitalized, was closed and reorganized. What we think, however, is that it is still a public hospital, where the staff has been forced to spend energy to reorganize an entire floor as well as to contain the presence of paparazzi and so on. In short, for specific unjustifiable needs ».

A fact that weighs even more supports the CGIL (but also the other unions such as Cisl and Uil) in the face of inadequate salaries of health personnel, which in fact remain among the lowest in the Veneto.


«Since we have become a VIP hospital, an attractive pole in all respects, the time has come to increase the salaries of the workers who contribute to creating this excellence. This exceptional workmanship must be recognized, it cannot be the most underpaid in all of Italy, ”says Luigi Spada of Fp Uil with a provocation.

«I believe that beyond all the fact that Belen has come to give birth here is positive as it brings the Padua hospital to the national news for a high quality service. However, we must not forget that this great quality is linked to very low salaries », adds Fabio Turato of the FP CISL.

Everyone agrees therefore in saying that the birth of a famous person, such as Belen Rodriguez, was a way to recognize once again the excellence of the hospital in Padua, but everyone also agrees in reiterating the need to adjust salaries: “This it is a battle that as unions we are all carrying on together, so that a very high level reality like the one in Padua is not so penalized ».


Meanwhile, yesterday Belen Rodriguez and the newborn Luna Marì were discharged and in the morning they were able to go home, or rather to the villa with swimming pool in Albarella, in the province of Rovigo, where the soubrette spent the last weeks of her sweet expectation and where she will spend also this first period as a new mother of the little girl.

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