Marina Berlusconi: the nightmare of incompetence ends with Draghi | “Recognized the political role of my father, compensated for many injustices”

“With Draghi, the nightmare ends. I only note that, just as it happens to certain nightmares that disappear upon awakening, we seem to have forgotten that until a few months ago, at Palazzo Chigi, there were those who seemed convinced that to beat Covid it was enough to order expensive awnings in the shape of primrose, or who from the balcony proclaimed unlikely defeats of poverty “, says in an interview with Newspaper.

“The Draghi government gave a deadly blow to the praise of incompetence and to the rhetoric of one is worth one, and this I can only appreciate “. role of Silvio Berlusconi, a great promoter of his rise to Palazzo Chigi, specifies: “It is true that my father was the first to support Draghi. And I’m not talking about 2020, when he proposed him as prime minister, but about 2005, when as prime minister he had indicated him as governor of the Bank of Italy, and also of 2011, when he had imposed him at the top of the European Central Bank. There is harmony between him and Draghi, and this is also demonstrated by many of the choices of this government “.

Silvio Berlusconi was today rehabilitated and it is at the center of politics. “As a daughter I am pleased, it seems obvious. However, I think it pleases many Italians too. Let’s say that Silvio Berlusconi was the most illustrious victim of the populism of justice that for years intoxicated Italy. But I am convinced that many today have I understood how the incitement to hatred against my father was dictated by the prejudice and preconceived hostility of those who opposed his urges to change. Because the single thought is a poison, it infects the victims but in the long run also the poisoners “.

“My father has no need for rehabilitation. The recognition of his political role, if anything, is a very partial moral compensation. Yes, this is the right word: compensation. Even if compensating him for all the injustices he has suffered, alas, it is really impossible “, concludes Marina Berlusconi.


Marina Berlusconi nightmare incompetence ends Draghi Recognized political role father compensated injustices

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