When you need the green pass in Italy

When you need the green pass in Italy
When you need the green pass in Italy

When you need the green pass in Italy? Doubt returns to haunt many people after France’s decision to make the health pass mandatory for restaurants, bars, transport and places of culture and the hypothesis that Italy can follow the French model.

At the moment the extension of the green certificate, issued to those who are vaccinated, swab negative or cured of Covid, to go out to eat and participate in social life is not foreseen in Italy, but things could soon change. Waiting to understand if Italy will do like France and other countries to counteract the Delta variant infections and not have to close anything anymore, here when and where the green pass is needed according to current rules.

Green pass, when and where it is needed in Italy

Currently the green pass, or Covid-19 green certification, in Italy is used for:

  • go to weddings, baptisms, religious ceremonies, civil and private events
  • go to the stadium and attend concerts and matches
  • visit the elderly in the RSA
  • visit relatives hospitalized (for now ok in Piedmont and Liguria)
  • move into and out of territories classified in the red or orange zone
  • to travel to and from all countries of the European Union, although before leaving it is advisable to consult the travel rules of the state you intend to visit.

As specified in the FAQ on the green pass in Italy, even those in possession of the certificate after receiving the first dose of vaccine must swab when returning to Italy from a trip abroad.

Green pass for restaurants, gyms and trains?

The uses of the green pass in Italy so far are those listed above. In the last few hours the hypothesis of making it mandatory for gyms, discos, clubs and restaurants, congresses, conventions, trains e planes, in short, for all places at risk of gatherings.

In France, Greece and Portugal the green pass is mandatory even just to have a coffee at the bar, to go to the cinema, to the theater and to visit a museum.

In Italy at the moment it is premature to talk about compulsory green pass for restaurants and bars, says Undersecretary for Health Andrea Costa, even if a local can freely decide to let in only customers vaccinated with a pass. We remind you that guests invited to post-civil and religious ceremonies must have a pass.

As regards the discos, where the ballrooms have not yet reopened (and no date has been set), it is very likely that the reopening will be subject to the obligation of a green pass to be shown at the entrance.

Finally, the hypothesis of returning i trains at high speed to travel at 100% of the capacity, with passengers who must be equipped with a green pass. But still no official decision has been made.

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