Friends 21: Alberto Urso in the cast?

After concluding the last edition, Maria De Filippi is already at work for Amici 21. One of the novelties in the cast could be an old acquaintance of the Amici public: among the judges, in fact, there could be the singer Alberto Urso. Will the rumor be confirmed?

The last edition of Friends, which saw the triumph of the dancer Giulia Stabile, it was truly a success. The production and Maria De Filippi are already working to define the details of Friends 21: the castings are already open to try to find the new talents who will enter the heart of the audience of the program.

Other than that, of course, Maria De Filippi it is also moving to choose who will be the professors who will form the teams in the next edition of Amici. Self Arisa has already confirmed that will not leave Amici, with some rumors that have revealed how the singer has given up a substantial offer by the reality Pekin Express, others are still in the balance.

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Among them, there should also be Lorella Cuccarini, that he had had several offers, although none appear to have materialized.

Amici 21: Will Alberto Urso be one of the judges?

Not only confirmations, but also some news. Besides Giulia Stabile, which could return to the corps de ballet of the professionals, there would also be another old acquaintance of Friends ready to return to the studio that brought him so much luck. It’s about the singer Alberto Urso, winner of the eighteenth edition of the talent.

According to some rumors, Maria De Filippi he would contact him and choose him to be one of the judges who will evaluate the aspiring students during the first phase of the program. Alberto Urso, much loved by the public, he will therefore have the opportunity to make himself known under another guise: how will he behave with the guys who are living the same dream?

For the singer, then, this could be a test in view of the evening: if he were to do well as a judge it is not said that Maria De Filippi would not choose to reconfirm him also for the final phase of the competition, where the show comes alive!

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