Milan, the day of Giroud: today the Frenchman lands, tomorrow the medical examinations | News

The striker taken by Chelsea in Milan in the evening: he will then join the group on 26 July

The day of Olivier Giroud. Finally. The French striker (highly experienced player and certainly very important for the balance of the locker room, to paraphrase the words of Paolo Maldini), will arrive in Italy in the late afternoon / early evening and after his first Milanese night spent in a hotel on Friday morning he will undergo the usual medical examinations before signing on the contract that will bind him to Milan for two years. At Chelsea, the Rossoneri will pay compensation of two million, one immediately and the other in the form of a bonus. Giroud will leave Milan after the official announcement and then rejoin the group on July 26th, the day in which the compatriot Maignan, Donnarumma’s heir, and the Croatian Rebic, the next attack partner together with Ibrahimovic of the Frenchman, are expected.

Having settled the Giroud issue, Milan plans to do the same quickly for Brahim Diaz |: the agreement with Real was found again on the basis of a dry loan for another year, without the right of redemption being inserted in order to be able to take advantage of some tax benefits in this way. For the attacking midfielder, however, the track is always alive Vlasic, even if for Croatian the CSKA Moscow asks for 30 million, a figure that is too high today for the Rossoneri’s coffers. Closer instead the vice-Theo, identified in the Franco-Senegalese Ballo-Toure del Monaco: loan with the right of redemption of 4 million, the distance between the clubs is minimal and the deal is in the pipeline. Finally, for the “young” striker, the profile identified is that of the Brazilian Kaio Jorge, nineteen of Santos: the price tag is around 10 million, the investment complies with the guidelines of the new Rossoneri course, but at the moment it is in stand-by seen the non-EU passport of the attacker. Before occupying the free slot, Milan prefers to resolve the attacking midfielder question.


Milan day Giroud today Frenchman lands tomorrow medical examinations News

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