controversy for the shot of Massimiliano Mollicone

Even if his experience with Men and Women ended several months ago, Massimiliano Mollicone continues to be talked about. To raise the controversy was a shot that the former tronista has placed on his social networks in these hours. That’s what it’s all about!

Massimiliano Mollicone he made himself known by the public for his experience a Men and women, where has known and then chosen Vanessa Spoto, young suitor who has “fought” the boy with Eugenia Rigotti.

Their story was appreciated by most of the viewers and so on social there are many fan who have begun to follow the two, that up Instagram boast many followers.

In these hours, however, a shot posted by Massimiliano did turn up one’s nose to much of the people of web? The reason? A photo in which the young man appeared with a cigarette in hand!

Massimiliano Mollicone: controversy over the photo with the cigarette

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On the dating show of Maria De Filippi Massimiliano Mollicone has found soul mate but also a huge following, from those who have always done the typhus for him, whose past has not always been simple.

One click published a little while ago, however, it sparked numerous controversy for the young which, apparently, also boasts diversi haters.

To raise the fuss it was a photo in which Mollicone has in hand a cigarette. The black and white image is wrapped up in the smoke and the thing was not welcome by whom, instead, does not approve of tobacco.

This “gaffe”, in fact, it is rib to the young man very many comments where you invite him to stop smoking, especially because in that public figure should give the good example to his followers, especially to most people Young people.

“Smoking does bad ”,“ Throw that cigarette ”,“ Nice message you give ”are just some of the criticisms tick below the post of boy which, however, he decided to do not replicate.

Who knows, however, if from now on he will stay longer careful to the contents that shares on the Web…

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