Microsoft announces Windows 365: completely in the cloud, it works with every device. Even with Fire TV Stick or iPad

It’s not the first time we’ve seen Windows available as an operating system in the cloud – Microsoft itself has offered it as an option in Azure plans using the name Azure Virtual Desktop, and there are companies like Citrix that have been offering their customers this option for years.

However, with Windows 365 Microsoft wants to make it much easier to adopt a similar solution: for a company, two clicks will be enough for create a new computer and assign it to a remote person or collaborator.

A computer already configured for access to corporate networks, with all domain and security policies already imported and ready to use, which does not even require too many security measures like a VPN because it is a session in the cloud that it is already safe and protected by the Microsoft infrastructure.

In addition to ease of “deploy”, Microsoft also focuses on ease of access: the system is optimized to work instantly with any modern browser, so Windows will land, in the cloud version, even on Android or iPhone. From smartphones, tablets, Linux workstations: any system that will have a modern browser will allow full and fast access to Windows. The solution is dedicated exclusively to companies and will be available starting next August 2nd, with a single cost for each session (or computer) that will be created.

Microsoft will initially propose it with the Business version or the Enterprise version of Windows, and there will be different hardware configurations: in all there will be 12 different types of sessions that can be created, starting from the one with a single CPU, 2 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage to get to that with 8 CPUs, 32 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage, then from the “thin client” to the most powerful workstation. There will also be several intermediate configurations with variable prices, prices that will be made official when the solution goes on sale.

Although Microsoft’s work is currently aimed at work environments, and fits perfectly with the needs of many companies that will exploit hybrid work methods in the coming years, it is evident, as in the case of GamePass and xCloud, that the future of Microsoft passes from the cloud, and a similar solution we will be able to see in the future also combined with a consumer plan, therefore with monitors equipped with mouse and keyboard capable of connecting to Windows from anywhere in the world.

Already today Windows 365 could be used on a Fire TV Stick, a Samsung TV or an Xbox, without any problem. And without expensive hardware to maintain that gets old quickly over time.

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