“Saman Abbas is buried here in the greenhouses in Novellara, we will find her” – Corriere.it

“Saman Abbas is buried here in the greenhouses in Novellara, we will find her” – Corriere.it
“Saman Abbas is buried here in the greenhouses in Novellara, we will find her” – Corriere.it
of Alessandro Fulloni

Investigators: The searches are only suspended. We await new judicial evidence. The structure from which the girl left: We already warned on 11 April

Sure, we’re sure Saman’s body is buried there, among those greenhouses. Research interrupted? We await a fact that gives rise to new investigative evidence. Then we will leave again. The carabiniere who speaks knows this well: in certain investigations you just need patience and wait. In the case of the Pakistani girl who disappeared in Novellara on the night of April 30, the expectation concerns what can emerge from a judicial investigation that sees the effective collaboration of Interpol and that extends throughout Europe. Especially in France and Spain, where two of those wanted for killing the girl may have taken refuge, the Danish uncle Hasnain and the cousin Nomanulhaq Nomanulhaq observes the investigator of the Reggio Emilia group directed by Cristiano Desideri and Stefano Bove.

here. The conviction of the investigators

Not easy, the decision to suspend searches after 67 days: We would have done nothing but go back to sifting the same places already checked. A waste of resources without results marks the investigator. The research has been powerful. With drones, georadars and molecular dogs, the greenhouses of the approximately 100 hectares of the Bartoli company – the one where all the men of the Abbas clan worked – were beaten by about 500 soldiers. Saman buried here, the conviction of the investigator shaking his head at the hypothesis that the 18-year-old was kidnapped and taken to Pakistan. In recent days, Saman’s boyfriend, the twenty-one-year-old compatriot Saqib Ayub, who, assisted by the lawyer Claudio Falleti, will be heard on July 23 in probative incident spoke about it, more in the hope of imagining her alive than for certainty.

The fiance will be heard in the probative incident

In the Prosecutor’s Office, the young man reported the threats that Saman’s father, Shabbar (who fled to Pakistan with his wife in the aftermath of the crime) had addressed to his family in February, showing up in a village in Punjab, escorted by six cars and with a Kalashnikov. Threats of which the young woman had told the operators of the reception facility where, since November, she had been a guest in the Bolognese area after having opposed the arranged marriage with a cousin. Also for this reason, in consideration of further possible dangers, with the Social Services of Novellara we had hypothesized the transfer of Saman to another part of Italy, to an even more protected and secret center. The president of the cooperative who, in close contact with the Emilia-Romagna Region, deals with assistance to minors victims of violence and out of the family told the Corriere.

The decision to transfer her to another protected center

Saman had already had a first interview in the new facility, explains the 57-year-old professional educator and pedagogist. Convincing her was not easy. The eighteen-year-old foresaw only a future of her life with her partner. For this reason, on 11 April she left the center from which she had already fled four times, always to be with Saqib in Bologna. Whether it was an escape or voluntary removal little changes: he was of age, he could decide freely. Even if the operators had revealed the risks of her choice and of which she was aware, perhaps, only in part. From the center, in those same hours of 11 April, through Pec the disappearance was reported to the police and social services of Novellara, responsible for the Saman dossier and informed of every step.

The passport held by the father

It was the latter, on April 20, who told the carabinieri that perhaps she had returned home. On the 22nd Marshal Lufrano, commander of the station, made sure by going to the Abbas. When he saw her, to talk to her away from her parents, he took her to the barracks under a pretext. Here he proposed to return to the protected center if he had recovered his passport in the possession of his father. The young woman agreed, but a problem arose: for the social services, the marshal explained to Corriere, she could not return to the same structure in the Bolognese area, whose safety was now in jeopardy due to those constant expulsion. The new arrangement would be discussed again on May 3. Meanwhile, Saman has disappeared.

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