Appio, Ama cancels the door to door for restaurants with a flyer –

Appio, Ama cancels the door to door for restaurants with a flyer –
Appio, Ama cancels the door to door for restaurants with a flyer –

The merchants of the VII Municipio (Appio Latino area) received a small flyer, delivered by hand by employees in truth without uniform and without too many explanations and were left speechless: the door to door for the shops no longer exists. The delivery of waste will return to the large bins on the street. The concise but unequivocal flyer: Variation of the collection service – we read -. Ama is arranging for the reorganization of the service for non-domestic users and for its planned transfer of all the fractions, previously collected and correctly separated, in the road bins. This will allow you to manage delivery times more flexibly and not have obligations to display and collect wheeled bins. And then below, unmissable, the warning: Incorrect conferment involves penalties.

They presented it as a futuristic plan, 3 years ago, the door to door in the shops, with the electronic tag that should have recorded the collection rounds and the bins which despite the initial controversy had finally been welcomed and accepted by the traders. So now this news is really perceived as a return to the past: I still remember the initial enthusiasm of putting the cartons out of the shop in the evening, on established days – says Federico, trader at Appio Latino -. The truth is that even that system never worked, the cartons remained punctually out of the store. He had to give only the cardboard, but the exact same flyer was also delivered to the nearby pub that had the wet cans: we don’t even understand with what criteria we are chosen !. In fact, on social media, Sara who has a shop in Colli Albani, the same town hall, writes that they are dissociated! A month ago they came to me, at the shop where I work, with a similar poster explaining why the cartons would be picked up directly from them outside the shop three days a week.

Giovanna Marchese Bellaroto, former president of Cna Commercio, has already received other reports, from King of Rome to Salario: A leaflet in fact sanctions the failure of the very innovative waste plan for commercial activities. This embarrassing step back – specifies on behalf of the Coordination of business networks wanted by the Region -. Now even the cartons and food waste will weigh on the already full bins. Unfortunately, the contract for the withdrawal of multi-materials for our category has not been renewed, but at least I hope that the mayor will immediately prepare a greater number of collectors on the street.

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