«Raffaella Carrà was a sex symbol, I was considered a ‘boiled potato’» – Corriere.it

«Raffaella Carrà was a sex symbol, I was considered a ‘boiled potato’» – Corriere.it
«Raffaella Carrà was a sex symbol, I was considered a ‘boiled potato’» – Corriere.it
of Chiara Maffioletti

Loretta Goggi in the cast of “Back to crime”, on Sky: they considered me a boiled potato, when I discovered that I knew how to make people laugh, it was a victory

“I have never pursued the model of the beautiful and decorative showwoman. Not because I’m particularly far-sighted, it was just my nature. And it was my salvation ». Loretta Goggi, at almost 71 years old, remains one of the most modern figures in the show. A pioneer, indeed, “pilot fish”, as she defines herself, of new challenges – the first woman to have made imitations on TV, conducted Sanremo, a quiz, the first variety of Mediaset -, her agenda is always packed.

On July 12 he debuted on Sky Cinema Uno (and streaming on Now) in the cast of “Back to crime”. “I liked the idea of ​​playing the role of an old woman in a wheelchair. When Alessandro Gassmann sees me, he says: “Kill what a vertical collapse” ».

It is not obvious that a diva will accept this irony, right?

“For me it is automatic. My husband (Gianni Brezza, ed) was very nice and I would say to him: “The day will come when we will be even in the accounts”. Being average helps: those who are too beautiful suffer as they grow older, I can’t care less. Today I think I’m a guy, but I’ve never invested in looks ».

How did you come out of the clichés?

«It has not always been easy to make my battles understood. In my beginnings as an actress they gave me the part of the good, the sick, the orphan … When, with imitations, I discovered that I could make people laugh, it was a victory ».

Was there anyone who didn’t believe it?

“In those days Raffaella (Carrà, ed) was the symbol of sex appeal. I was twenty years old: in Rai we wondered how it could be done Canzonissima “To a boiled potato” like me. Yet I felt that my path was not that of the others: I also chose to never wear feathers and sequins, so to speak, but the clothes of a real woman. I wanted to be the Monica Vitti of TV ».

To do so, he left Rai.

«I was convinced that an English preparation worked, in which you can do everything. But they thought it meant doing nothing right. I said to myself: it will take longer. I also changed my hairstyles and they told me that I was not recognizable in this way. Then I put everything in the first Mediaset variety, “Hello Goggi”».

«Having credibility was exhausting. And I still don’t think I’m considered a pillar of the show: there are so many icons – Mike, Corrado, Pippo, Raffaella -, I’m not one of them. Always changing hasn’t made me a symbol ».

Yet it has several firsts.

“When I presented Sanremo it was said that a woman could not have such a thing in her hand. I did not accept it. But in the end, I did everything in Rai too ».

It was also the voice of Tweety. Gigi Proietti was Gatto Silvestro.

«My dreams were to work with him and Johnny Dorelli: I made them come true. In America Titti is a male: I was 15 and I had imagined him with that thin voice and the “L” instead of the “r” ».

«I start from crime» also speaks of a journey through time. If it could, where would it go?

“At the meeting with my husband. It was fundamental: it made me realize that I was an interesting, witty woman. He would repeat: “You are the only one who makes me laugh, but free yourself from the complexes”. Thanks to him I was able to do my one-woman shows. I would not have had the courage ».

“A lot. The clash serves to understand. Then I fell in love with his flaws. He used to repeat to me: “Only those who have character can have a temper”. You couldn’t talk to him in the morning until after the second coffee: even our dogs understood that. Wanting at all costs for things to go well I rounded my corners. I said to myself: my job is to make our marriage work, the show becomes my best hobby ».

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