The spy video posted by Cirinnà. Pharaoh: “So he stoned me”

The spy video posted by Cirinnà. Pharaoh: “So he stoned me”
The spy video posted by Cirinnà. Pharaoh: “So he stoned me”

“Salvini in the courtroom looked like Cirinnà without blonde hair.” Said in this way, as a sentence addressed to Monica pasionaria dem of the Zan bill, it could almost seem an offense, even if it is not clear for which of the two interested, if for the Lega Nord who certainly does not find himself in the role of a curly blonde and unleashed, or for the exponent dem who in the end, with his party colleague Alessandro Zan, is dictating the line within the Democratic Party, preventing any mediation.

Davide Faraone, president of the IV senators and one of the first supporters of the agreement extended to the entire Draghi majority and not only to the center-left, vented on SkyTg24, for having become the object of the unwanted attention of Monica Cirinnà, who reprized him in classroom with a mobile phone (violating the regulations of Palazzo Madama) while applauding the intervention of the secretary of the League, as if it were a shame to be washed with blood. “This is social bullying and stoning,” said Faraone, a victim of the followers of the Zan law.

«Salvini said things that the senator dem could have said – the reply of Pharaoh -. The fact is that there are always ideological positions, even on completely shareable statements, only because the League tells them and not your political side »the thrust of the senator of Iv, polite but very polemical on the political level. Salvini’s speech in the classroom was so passionate in favor of homosexual people that he deserved the reprimand of the President of the Senate, Elisabetta Casellati, for giving the cogl … to those who are ready to point out those who “want to declare themselves gay in 2021 or lesbian “.

Cirinnà then apologized in half to Faraone for having taken it up and posted on social media. The reason is that now everyone does it and this shows how tense the climate in the classroom is on a measure that you want to pass at any cost. But he claimed that if “everyone is free to applaud, everyone is free to give political meaning”.

The point is when the applause came to Salvini, considered an adversary with whom one can agree and not an enemy to fight as if he were at war and not in Parliament. Pharaoh claimed his right to applause, coupled – he says – with the wrong declaration. “We can talk about the fact if Salvini were sincere, we can ask ourselves why he supports Orban,” says Faraone. But if Cirinnà claims that he praised the sentence according to which the law was unconstitutional, he instead clapped his hands because Salvini looked like Cirinnà.


spy video posted Cirinnà Pharaoh stoned

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