Alfa Romeo GT 1300 Junior, the drift that Learned – Mondo Auto likes

Alfa Romeo GT 1300 Junior, the drift that Learned – Mondo Auto likes
Alfa Romeo GT 1300 Junior, the drift that Learned – Mondo Auto likes

The victory of Robert Mancini’s national team at Euro 2020 sparked celebrations throughout Italy, with the usual carousels in squares and streets of our main cities. Enthusiasm for the triumph of the Azzurri it has been expressed in the most disparate ways, even with performances at the wheel: this is the case Alfa Romeo GT 1300 Junior who has decided to go full throttle in a roundabout performing an exciting drift complete with a tricolor flag sticking out of the window of the classic Biscione.

A video that immediately made the rounds of the web, so much so that it also attracted the attentions of Jean-Philippe Imparato, number one of the Arese car manufacturer who wanted to express all his appreciation for the performance driving the GT 1300 Junior, so much so that he shared the clip on Twitter with a lot of “Bravi”. The small sports car of the Biscione arrived on the road in 1966 and was able to obtain great success on the market, so much so that it was the best-selling among the Giulia GTs. Under the skin of the little Alfa Romeo there was an 89hp 1.3 engine, lower power than the 1.6 unit of the Sprint GT. A contained power contained in just 930 kg which however allowed to exceed 170 km / h making this car one of the fastest in its segment and capable of rivaling those of a higher category.

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Subsequently, the 109 bhp 1.6 was also adopted on the Alfa Romeo GT 1300 Junior, while further modifications took place in 1974, although in this case only at the stylistic level, with the adoption of the four-headlight scheme compared to the two previously used. In recent days, Alfa Romeo also wanted to dedicate a tribute to the Azzurri, with a tricolor triptych of Giulia GTA, the latest addition to the Biscione, to pay homage to Mancini and his boys for the victory obtained against England and the continental title conquered at Wembley.


Alfa Romeo Junior drift Learned Mondo Auto likes

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