new update in July with DualSense support and 3D Audio –

new update in July with DualSense support and 3D Audio –
new update in July with DualSense support and 3D Audio –

Dirt 5 its PS5 update again the July 20 with a update substantial, destined to introduce some improvements in particular with regard to the support extended to the DualSense of the console and to the 3D audio with the Tempest Engine.

All of this will be in addition to the new game content coming with the Super Size Content Pack, which from 20 July expands the Career mode and the car fleet on all the various versions, included in the Amplified or Year One Edition or sold separately for all the others.

As for the Career, the expansion adds 27 new events and four cars: Bentley Continental GT Ice Racer, Armada Rock Racer, Rezvani Tank, and Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport Baja Concept, each with new liveries and additional customization options.

However, there will also be absolutely free news both in terms of content and technical support. From this point of view, the PS5 version will enjoy the implementation of full support for haptic feedback and adaptive controller triggers DualSense, as reported by Codemasters:

These improvements will allow you to receive more feedback during the races. You can feel the difference in friction on different surfaces, the resistance of the brake trigger as you slow down, the click of the gear engaging, and evaluate the loss of grip when cornering or accelerating.

In addition, support for theaudio 3D of the Sony console, through deeper and more dynamic sound management. All this comes after the 4.04 update released in June. For all the information on the game, we refer you to the review of Dirt 5.


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