Green Pass in Milan, cinemas, concerts, bars and restaurants: “It can be useful”

We talk about it at the bar while drinking coffee, but the debate is also raging among those in those jobs. Many would be involved in the eventual obligation of customers to show the Green Pass: cinemas and theaters, bars, restaurants, concert halls. “We need to understand if by doing so we can recover those who have not yet been vaccinated, if we convince them to do so”, says Lionello Cerri, founder of Cinema Anteo. “Obligations are always badly digested, but perhaps we will have to accept this. In one night in France a million people booked the vaccine. It does not seem right to ask for a swab, which makes us stay in an emergency. they are now rigorous procedures: the temperature is measured, there is spacing, the ventilation is controlled. If it is global, it is fine, if it is imposed only on someone, it makes no sense “.

Coronavirus in Milan, brawl on the Green Pass for the locals. Sala: “Maybe it’s for the good of all”

by Alessia Gallione

July 15, 2021

On the live music front, Claudio Trotta, dean of promoters (Barley Arts), is drastic: “I don’t agree with any limitation to freedom, I think the Green Pass is unconstitutional, discriminatory. I don’t want it to be used to go to the cinema or to a concert”. His counterpart Roberto De Luca, of Live Nation, has the opposite opinion: “I don’t think that imposing the Green Pass would harm us, on the contrary. I am in favor of the vaccine. I understand the discourse of freedom, but a concert is not like a restaurant, spectators they don’t sit, they get up, they dance, they move. It is right to take precautions. But I would ask that we return to normal capacity, not a maximum of a thousand people. We are the most massacred category. And it takes a sense of responsibility. Not like what you do. is seen after the victory of Italy: if you can do that, then you can do everything “.

The puzzle of the certificate: necessary at the stadium, perhaps at the theater and at the bar

by Alessandra Ziniti

July 14, 2021

Not a few of the Milanese restaurateurs feel penalized. The position of Giuseppe Lisbo Parrella, marketing manager of Pizzium, six pizzerias in the city is clear: “The Green Pass might be right, but I am not an expert in health strategies. For the restaurant sector, this would be acceptable only to a condition: abolish the obligation of distancing. Otherwise it would be a massacre, which would add to what we have already suffered “. Claudio Sadler, starred on the Naviglio, is pragmatic: “If people can feel safer, calmer, and if they avoid the risk of other closures, so be it. It would also allow us to work without a mask, which creates many inconveniences”. Aperitif with Green Pass? Alberto Corvi, of The Doping Club bar, in the Ticinese area, considers it “right and feasible, a guarantee also for customers, as long as all the owners respect it. Otherwise the usual smart ones don’t ask for the pass, and the others. .. “.

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