Vaccine for over 60s, the push is not there: in 3 weeks 300 thousand discovered out of 2.8 million have been reached. And Figliuolo delegates the strategy to the Regions

Vaccine for over 60s, the push is not there: in 3 weeks 300 thousand discovered out of 2.8 million have been reached. And Figliuolo delegates the strategy to the Regions
Vaccine for over 60s, the push is not there: in 3 weeks 300 thousand discovered out of 2.8 million have been reached. And Figliuolo delegates the strategy to the Regions

The general Francesco Paolo Figliuolo has a problem with over 60. For two months he has insisted on the need to push vaccination into the population most at risk, yet the number of over 60s waiting for first dose struggles to go down, remaining well over 2 million. The data of the report of the commissioner itself speak for themselves: on June 18 they were 2.833.978 people, July 9 remained 2.506.467. About 300 thousand less. Acceleration? Not even talking about it. If in the week between June 25 and the 2nd of July just over one hundred thousand had been reached, in the following one they were barely 79.046. A snail’s pace that, without a push, risks turning into a long run-up many weeks to completely cover the most exposed to the serious consequences of the infection.

The 60-69 year old wall – The main grounding is related to age range 60-69 years: a month ago they were missing from the roll call 1.612.460, on 9 July the totally ‘uncovered’ were still 1.411.547. In other words, in that age group, almost one in 5 Italians did not receive even a dose, with peaks of 28,99% in Sicily. Too many, especially with the Delta variant galloping. So much so that in recent days, after the French move, the majority are heatedly discussing the need to introduce the green pass also for access to bar e restaurants so as to push the most skeptical to get vaccinated. In fact, if among the over 80s it is plausible that there is a quota of people with difficulties in accessing the reservation systems or in going to vaccination centers, between the ages of 60 and 69 the theory is weakened for reasons of personal data and computerization. Translated: the 1.4 million represent at least in part a hard core of citizens reluctant to receive the Covid vaccine destined for them, in large part Astrazeneca.

The strategy (so far) entrusted to the Regions – What is the strategy of the structure led by Figliuolo? So far the bulk is left to Regions, autonomous in the field of health. Yet for two months the general has been repeating that we need to accelerate: “If we do not secure the over 60s who have a 95% chance of to end in Hospital, or even worse in intensive care, or even worse than to die, we do not go out ”, shouted the May 18. This is probably the moment when he realized that the promises made in the previous weeks had become a chimera. The April 23 he had been the president of Anci and mayor of Bari, Antonio Decaro, to explain that the extraordinary commissioner and the head of Civil Protection Fabrizio Curcio they had “reassured him with respect to that date which is the end of June for the vaccination of all over 60s. The objective has failed and the commissioner structure, at the moment, is unable to deal with it. The May 28 the general repeated: “Going over 60 is ours imperative categorical”. And sponsored the strategy of the “Active call” thanks to which “in a few days – he guaranteed – we will go to look for these people”.

Waiting for data on who doesn’t want (and who can’t) – The reality is that today, as explained by the commissioner itself, everything is in the hands of the Regions. From Rome, only solicitations and no organic strategy such as the one suggested for example by the Gimbe Foundation, at the beginning of July, to anticipate the calls and focus on mRna vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) for the first administrations, given the lack of confidence it has Astrazeneca even in the age groups for which it is recommended and authorized. On 18 June Figliuolo wrote a letter to the governors asking to insist on the over 60s with the active call in a “more incisive” way and given time until 15th of July to communicate how many people were unable to get vaccinated for “Health reasons” and how many “have manifested the willingness not to join to the countryside ”, divided by age group. Until then, he argued in the face of the “decline” in adhesions, “it is not known whether the lack of involvement is due to clinical limitations, individual choice or difficulties in registering on vaccination platforms “. On this point, no news is expected in the coming days because – they explain from the Commissioner’s entourage – the reports will be analyzed.

Campervans in Milan and discounts for skiing in Friuli – In the meantime, in recent weeks, everything has remained in the hands of the management of the individual Regions, even with imaginative initiatives. If they were organized in Liguria open day e open night of Pfizer and Moderna with targeted campaigns in dialect, the Friuli Venezia Giulia has decided to encourage vaccination in all age groups by giving one 50% off% to the ski lifts managed by PromoturismoFvg to those who will undergo the inoculation of the vaccine in the hub of Tarvisio. Meanwhile, the shipments in the most inaccessible countries of the teams of Defence for home vaccinations with a slightly increased number of active teams from North to South in recent weeks compared to 44 active at the end of May. But the problems remain even in the large population centers, as the case of Milano: the capital of Lombardy has a percentage of vaccination coverage of over 60 of the81,4% against the86,4% of the regional average. For this reason the vice president and councilor for welfare, Letizia Moratti, proposed to the mayor Beppe Sala, to start a mobile campaign in the city to promote vaccination, in light of the approx 78 thousand Milanese who have never booked or have not even received the first dose yet. So from 16 al July 31 gods will be active in various squares and streets of Milan camper with teams of doctors who will inoculate the single dose of Johnson&Johnson for over 60s with no reservation required.

The last chip: trusting the extended green pass – A race against time, from metropolises to small towns waiting to intercept a method to really accelerate. And so the hypothesis of extending the compulsory nature of the green pass to access bars and restaurants, following the steering of the France who pushed with this move over 2 million people to book the vaccine in less than 48 hours. That’s what the virologist in June Guido Silvestri defined “The most convincing incentive”, that is, “to allow fully vaccinated subjects to return to a completely normal life”. A concept that Figliuolo also likes, one of the first to define the French choice as “one solution for a push “. The last one plug on which to aim in front of the wall of over 2 million people who, for the most part, seem to stay away from them hub and they risk slowing the country’s exit from the tail of an emergency much longer than the commissioner himself predicted.

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