Iol, Libero Mail from mail service to personal cloud

Iol, Libero Mail from mail service to personal cloud
Iol, Libero Mail from mail service to personal cloud

It has been more than 20 years since Libero Mail was born, the Italiaonline e-mail service which today has 9.7 million active accounts. Continuous innovation around users, to put them at the center of their needs with a modern and appreciated product, able to offer modular services through a “personal cloud” that quickly accompanies them in the daily activities of digital life (VIDEO).

We start with the new showcase, the Welcome page, the beating heart of the “personal cloud” which can be accessed after entering your login. Renewed in its look and more customizable, it is an activity center from which you can manage all your services. Useful and always up-to-date editorial content, alongside new widgets: shopping, games, online payments, interviews and podcasts. In addition, a sidebar was also introduced to have a list of all Libero services at a glance.

“E-mail is one of the longest-lived products on the Internet, it enjoys excellent health and has not been affected by the advent of social networks which have indeed created new ways of use: for this reason, our vision is to evolve it towards a “personal cloud” model of integrated services, ”he said Domenico Pascuzzi, Publishing Director of Italiaonline. “We want to expand it from a simple communication service to an ecosystem of services, whose access key is represented by the personal cloud”. In this sense, the utilities offered by the Libero world are different: not only JumboMail to send large files or the virtual Drive to save attachments and personal files, but also the LiberoFun games, the Libero Cashback and Libero Shopping offers.

The “personal cloud” also enriches: Libero docs and Libero Pay. In the first option, an office suite allows you to create office, point and power excel documents, linked to the Drive space, where documents can be saved together with all other personal files. Without having to install anything, Docs allows you to work with your documents from PC, smartphone and tablet and favors teamwork, allowing multiple users to work on the same document at the same time.

With Libero Pay, on the other hand, it is possible to avoid long queues at the payment counters. A series of utility services, from bulletins to pagoPA services and much more, can be paid for through this convenience. Without forgetting: the Smart newsletter, a new feature of the Smart Inbox that allows you to organize the emails received in different categories for easier reading or even cancel in a very simple way the subscriptions that involve a high traffic and sometimes not very inclined to our needs. From travel bookings to individual users, a folder groups the different categories, all to have an increasingly efficient and customizable mailbox.

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