but hospitalizations are falling – Libero Quotidiano

but hospitalizations are falling – Libero Quotidiano
but hospitalizations are falling – Libero Quotidiano

Infections from Covid in Italy are rising: according to the bulletin of July 14 there are 2,153 new positives in the last 24 hours. Yesterday, however, 1,534 were registered. There was also a slight increase in deaths, from 20 to 23, although 9 of the latter died in the past in Sicily for the period March-July 2021. The positivity rate, on the other hand, reached 1 percent, while in the the previous day was 0.8 percent. In short, the trend is starting to rise again: it was from 10 June that there had been no more than 2,000 cases. An increase in infections that is observed not only in Italy, but globally, as the WHO says.

At the health level, however, the situation is not dramatic. In fact, hospitalizations continue to decline, in critical and non-critical areas. The number of beds occupied in the ordinary Covid wards decreased by 20 units, bringing the total number of hospitalized to 1,108. In intensive care, on the other hand, 6 beds have been freed up in the last 24 hours, with the total number of the most seriously ill patients falling to 151. This could be a direct effect of vaccination, which can protect against serious illness. This means that those who get immunized can catch the virus, but not to the point of being hospitalized.

Meanwhile, the vaccination campaign goes on, with over 58.7 million doses administered to date. The data on the infection, however, are not comforting. “The Covid pandemic is not over nowhere. Even the countries that managed to successfully avert the first waves of the virus, only through public health measures, are now in the midst of devastating epidemics “: this is the alarm raised by the director general of the World Health Organization. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

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hospitalizations falling Libero Quotidiano

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