Apple Pay Later to buy in installments with the iPhone – Tlc

Apple Pay Later to buy in installments with the iPhone – Tlc
Apple Pay Later to buy in installments with the iPhone – Tlc

Apple is preparing a new service that will allow Apple Pay users to purchase products and pay for them in monthly installments, rivaling companies like Amazon and PayPal that offer similar options. Bloomberg writes this in an anticipation, stating that the functionality under development is known internally as ‘Apple Pay Later’. The service, directly integrated with Apple Pay, will be managed by Goldman Sachs, which is delegated to finance the loans.

The operation provides that, through a device such as an iPhone, iPad or Mac computer, you can buy a product or more and choose, for the partner platforms, to pay in installments and at zero interest directly through your Apple Pay account.

Something like this is already active in the United States, where using an Apple Card there is the option to pay in installments, while here only a Pay account, connected to your current account, would be enough. The Bloomberg report indicates that customers will need to apply and be approved, through a process via the iOS Wallet app. According to the magazine, interest-free and interest-accumulating plans will be available: up to four zero-rate installments every two weeks or monthly fixed-interest payments. The four-payment plan is called ‘Apple Pay in 4’ while the long-term plan is referred to as ‘Apple Pay Monthly Installments’. The novelty would confirm the increasingly marked interest of the Cupertino giant in the ‘Services’ sector which, in Apple’s revenues, has grown considerably over time, up to a total of 50 billion dollars in the latest annual turnover. .


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