Real estate, residential is growing: “Transactions towards 100 billion”

Real estate, residential is growing: “Transactions towards 100 billion”
Real estate, residential is growing: “Transactions towards 100 billion”

The demand for homes has not run out and the positive trend will continue in the coming quarters. In 2021 for Breglia in Italy there will be a return to 600 thousand transactions for a value of one hundred billion euros.

The dynamics of residential sales follows the search for larger homes, with outdoor spaces and perhaps greenery, even in less central areas, which unites all of Europe. The more or less rigid lockdowns have prompted residents of large cities to consider buying more comfortable homes and second homes to live in for long periods if they can take advantage of the option of working remotely.

Within the Italian market, Milan recorded a growth in sales, a stability in the average discounts applied in the negotiation phase and in the absorption times which in both cases remained below the Italian average (3.9 months). For Scenari Immobiliari, the forecast is that in the two-year period 2021-2022 there will be a rebound that will bring exchanges in the city to 27 thousand homes transacted. In Milan, the selling prices of houses, in these first six months of 2021, have marked, on the general average, a small increase of 0.6 percent.

Renovations in Rome well

Prices stop in Rome, where a timid demand for investment returns. From Scenari Immobiliari they underline that in general the interest in buildings to be restored is growing between 80 and 130 square meters, the average area required is over 90 square meters. The neighborhood with the most significant variation in prices is Piazza Navona: + 5.3% on the first half of 2020. Here the houses cost 17 thousand euros per meter.

Positive prospects also for Naples, Genoa and especially Bologna, where demand is starting to recover after the flight of off-site students. The same goes for Florence, which in the last ten years has given excellent results in terms of prices. Tourists are returning to Venice, where there is a good demand for homes being bought by both residents and foreigners fascinated by the lagoon city. But here the offer is also increasing due to many small-sized accommodation facilities that the crisis caused by the pandemic has closed and returned to the market.


Real estate residential growing Transactions billion

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