“The problem is after the program. The regulation says that …”

“The problem is after the program. The regulation says that …”
“The problem is after the program. The regulation says that …”

The author of Temptation Island reveals some clauses of the contract signed by the couples of the reality show.

The fourth episode of Temptation Island will air next Monday 19 July 2021 on Canale 5. In the meantime, the author Raffaella Mennoia has unveiled some clauses of the contracts who sign the couples from the reality show of temptations conducted by Filippo Bisciglia.

Raffaella Mennoia’s revelation on the Temptation Island regulation

Interviewed by Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, Raffaella spoke of the Temptation Island regulation revealing: “The chosen couples? They don’t have to say that they have been taken, even if the big problem is the after program. The regulation that couples sign says that they cannot be seen together until the last episode airs. Same goes if they had to. having started an affair with one of the singles. They are fully armored “.

The author of Temptation Island he continued stating: “Two days before entering the village we confiscate their cell phones which are returned only at the airport, when they return home. They cannot have contact with the outside world or even with the cameramen”.

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The Mennoia concluded by revealing that the recordings of the reality of temptations have ended: “I have been back in Rome for a couple of days already, we have just delivered the program. It was a particular edition, I am very happy both for the cast and for how certain situations went. A little less for others, but it is normal. If I had to reflect on this edition I would say that nothing is as it seems and that nothing is truer than what it seems. Then I would say that sometimes the only solution is to stay together. In other cases the only solution is not being together and that sometimes love makes incredible turns and then comes back “.

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