Green pass like in France? Guarantor: Constitutionally inadmissible

The Italian Privacy Guarantor rejects the “Macron model” on the new use of the green pass.

“The green pass in French sauce is constitutionally inadmissible. The effects on the rights and freedoms of citizens are extremely serious“, He warns, on Twitter, Geneva Cerrina Feroni, vice president of the Guarantor for the protection of personal data.

With irony, he echoes her Guido Scorza, another member of the Authority’s College.

On July 14, 1789, the citizens did not shout “Liberté, identité, confidentialité? Do we want to be less than two centuries later? We joke but sometimes jokingly we tell the truth “, Scorza tweeted.

Green pass, compulsory in France from 21st July for what?

These two unofficial interventions by the Guarantor come in the midst of the debate in our country on the new methods of requesting the green pass, after the decision of the president Emmanuel Macron to extend the health passport from 21 July to access to places of leisure and culture for all citizens over 12 years old. E of august, after the approval of an ad hoc law, the green pass in France will apply in bars, restaurants, shopping centers, as well as in hospitals, retirement homes, medical-social institutions and in long-distance transport: for users and employees. And in Italy the debate between for and against is ignited.

The Undersecretary of Health Pierpaolo Sileri: “Do immediately as in France, I told Speranza”

Among those in favor of following the French initiative is the Undersecretary for Health Pierpaolo Sileri.

“Do immediately as France did, applying the Green pass ‘seriously’, and no quarantine for those who have received two doses. This would also be an incentive to get vaccinated “, said Sileri, interviewed by the Messenger. “Let’s think of discos”, he added, “If we allowed the premises to open for customers with the Green pass, we would have the race of those between 18 and 40 to get vaccinated”. Though, Sileri said, “With us it makes no sense in restaurants, unless our infections do not reach similar numbers to the British ones, if anything it can be a weapon to keep them open if there is a strong increase in cases”.

“France is definitely the right choice. We should also do it in Italy, I have told Speranza so many times “, concluded the Undersecretary of Health.

Merkel says no to the Macron model on the green pass: “Thus vaccination becomes mandatory, the opposite of what we have promised up to now ”

Pending a possible new government decision on the green pass, for example to issue it only after completing the vaccination cycle, as is the case in most EU countries, Germany has already said no to the “French model”.

“We do not intend to take this path proposed by France. We are at the beginning of the phase where we are still promoting vaccinations, where we have more vaccines than people want to be vaccinated “, he has declared Angela Merkel.
“I don’t think we can gain trust by changing what we have said so far, that no vaccination is mandatory, but I think we can gain trust by advertising vaccination and making as many people as possible vaccine ambassadors thanks to their own experience,” concluded the chancellor.

And which leader will Italy follow in the coming days? Macron or Merkerl or will it adopt an Italian model on the green pass?

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