“In Veneto there is no risk of the yellow zone”. Vaccines, 276 thousand posts …

“In Veneto there is no risk of the yellow zone”. Vaccines, 276 thousand posts …
“In Veneto there is no risk of the yellow zone”. Vaccines, 276 thousand posts …

Governor Luca Zaia also live today from Marghera for the latest updates on the Covid emergency in Veneto.



There are 261 new cases in Veneto in the last 24 hours, one death. The incidence of positives approaches 1%, exactly 0.95%. “There is an increase – said the governor Luca Zaia – but at the moment it has no effect on hospitalizations”. The clinical data, in fact, remain the same as yesterday: a total of 249 Covid patients in hospital.


“We have no yellow zone parameters. At the moment I do not feel the risk, the parameter is hospitalization and we are at zero. The tampon campaign must be encouraged but the incidence parameter must also be recalibrated. You cannot be invited to “run” on tampons, and then fined for speeding ».


“We have 276,000 free places until 8 September. They are all first doses, especially available to young people, and to those who want to get safe before the school year. The boys are the most interested in the Delta variant, they rightly hang out with their peers, the gatherings are involuntary. We tell them to put the mask on, but above all now they have the opportunity to vaccinate ».


On the use of the Green pass to access cinemas and restaurants, as decided in France, “initiatives must be seriously evaluated and above all coordinated,” said Zaia. «On this we need a” soft landing “. There are various scenarios: the first is that the vaccine is mandatory, perhaps the shortest way; second, there is the issue of privacy, which is not irrelevant. We have been beaten by the green pass guarantor in hospitals. Lastly, when you introduce such a measure you have to guarantee all vaccines, and I don’t think there is this availability. It is a game to be put in the hands of the CTS. The debate will be inevitable in October, between vaccinated and unvaccinated, on which the scientific authorities will have to express themselves. Macron’s choice is “extreme” but the vaccinated must have rights ».


For the decree on the Great Ships in Venice «on the subject of compensation, I did not find President Draghi” divorced “. He put the technicians to discuss these things. The technical staff are already speaking in Rome, and the dl brings back space for negotiation »Zaia reported. «In this context – he added – we will have to think about a renegotiation of the Venice Terminal Passeggeri concession. With Covid, many concessions have been extended, here in addition to Covid we have the works for the new terminal in Marghera. And the workers must be protected ».

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