Nobel Literature 2021, proposed by the poet Guido Oldani – Ultima Ora

Nobel Literature 2021, proposed by the poet Guido Oldani – Ultima Ora
Nobel Literature 2021, proposed by the poet Guido Oldani – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, JUL 14 – The poet Guido Oldani, author of the literary manifesto ‘Il Realismo Terminale’, published by Mursia, with which he gave life to the international literary and artistic movement of the same name, was proposed for the Nobel Prize for Literature 2021. The candidacy was signed, together with the publisher Fiorenza Mursia, by intellectuals from all over the world: the Italianists Giuseppe Langella, Caterina Verbaro, Daniele Maria Pegorari, Daniela Carmosino, the president of the poetry foundation ‘Il Fiore’ Giuseppina Caramella, the Swedish artist Françoise Ribeyrolles-Marcus, the Chinese poets Jidi Majia and Gao Xing, the Russian Gennadij Šlapunov, president of the Foundation for the Eurasian dialogue between cultures and civilizations, the American Major Jackson and the South African Zolani Mkiva. According to the subscribers of the candidacy, Terminal Realism is “a literary trend of global reach, open to the most varied forms of expression (visual and plastic arts, music, theater, dance), which aspires to be the critical and ironic representation of the globalized civilization of 2000s, interpreting and describing those aspects of the historical-social becoming that most characterize our time, so much so that they can be pointed out as its most typical and representative outcomes. macroscopic events that are taking place on a world scale and of the anthropological transformations that are generating, almost simultaneously, almost everywhere, in the most advanced West as well as in developing countries “. (HANDLE).


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Nobel Literature proposed poet Guido Oldani Ultima Ora

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